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  1. There is still a difference between an A320 NEO and an A318,19,20,21 .
  2. Just what I was looking for! Perfect, thanks 🙂 Hope for the a320 to come next.
  3. Well there are so many airports in the sim who are just not good. My home airport (quite large) for example is barely recognizable and I would be happy to get it as payware.
  4. Hey,

    wollte dir nur mal danke sagen für deine Arbeit. Das kann man auf dem Downloadportal leider nicht.

    Ich sehe da richtig gute Ansätze, wenn man das mit den Farben noch besser hinbekommt.

    PS: Bin auch aus der Gegend 🙂


    Beste Grüße


    1. omarsmak30



      Vielen Dank für deine Rückmeldung! Ich liebe das und finde scenery bauen ziemlich interessant und mit MSFS ist es wirklich schön die Ergebnisse zu sehen! 

      Über die Farben, ich habe mit der letzten Version 0.2 bessere Farben versucht. Es ist noch nicht perfekt, aber schon besser als die blaue Farbe von Google Map 🙂


      Beste Grüße, 

  5. Nobody is whining about anything. Why everyone is always feeling so attacked? You can say something which is not "mainstream" and not be attacked for it 🙂 It's not like we are all in the US. I'm not talking about OP's room for improvement but rather, getting the google images fitting in the current sim better overall (not just this scenary).
  6. Yes,but that was not my intention with the statement. No need for you unnecessary comment. I mean there is a lot of room for improvement.
  7. I don't understand why you like this. All these google maps imports are totally not matching in the current autogen. The colors are way off. It looks better yes, but you can see the difference between google and bing buildings from a mile away.
  8. Current planes in development: Aerosoft CRJ : Expected Q4 2020 -> I would expect it Q1 2021 PMDG 737 : Expected Q1/Q2 2021 -> I would expect Q2 2021
  9. It' not in the settings. I got the same problem. If you stay in the area, the buildings will pop up in better quality. They are just not loading.
  10. Unfortunately that's a bit too much of resolution 🙂 You notice a huge framedrop (slide show). And these images still don't fit in their surroundings.
  11. Well legal problem or not. It looks real, but doesn't fit in the current color range.
  12. It has been mentioned multiple times that the reefs are ingame are not like in the trailers. They messed up.
  13. If there are still differences sure people will complain 🙂 That's in the nature of people. So let me complain: The water needs color correction.
  14. +1 the graphical interferences are way too much. Some with the icing, never seen so much ice on an A320 in Reallife.
  15. Well you can't even call it "Landmark Addon" as it are about 1000 objects. Might as well remodell the whole city 🙂
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