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  1. For me, the improved A320 alone with its better engine and fan sounds is worth the upgrade IMO. And VR is sooo much smoother than MSFS. That said, FS4 is a better starting point but the sim needs LOTS of improvements for sure. I hope they don't consider this as the final version and I hope ORBX will catch on with scenery that can match MSFS.
  2. I am one of many who got both happy AND frustrated at the same time when FS2020 was launched. I loved the initial visuals but the flight dynamics made me frustrated and I went back to X-plane after a few updates with no improvements (or even more bugs). I gave the FBW a go and it was better than the crappy built-in planes but still far behind X-plane. I've checked in a few times on the forum and pretty much the same discussions still exist today. Performance issues, visual degrades (nooo!!), new addons (yaaay), VR problems and so on. I thought...ok...I'll give it a go. I will install it again and see if there are any improvements for me. For starters, the download manager has NOT improved. Still useless download speed which I had to tweak 10 times before my native speed could be used. As for the sim itself. Well...the latest FBW A320 rocks. Really really good. And the sound is sublime. So at least there is one solid bird to fly. But what happened to the sim visuals? I mean...sure...it is the same DNA as launchday but I get the feeling that ASOBO has reduced the quality? The runway looks way oversharpened and grainy on my monitor (probably to look better on TV screens - ie Xbox). The clouds now lack definition and feel more like "The Simpsons clouds". Also, didn't we have different clouds and formation when the sim was launched? As for performance, I think it was smoother initially but I might be wrong. In many scenarios the sim looks great of course, but I feel it is worse now than it originally was. Sliders are maxed out more or less. Are my observations correct?
  3. yepp, in fact mainthread limit for all settings (high, mid or low)
  4. Thanks but the actual issue is not VR related. This is my 2D performance
  5. Seems I don't really get any high FPS no matter what I do. I just set EVERYTHING to minimal. Render Scaling = 50. Terrain Level Detail: 10 The rest on LOW or OFF. Aircraft: Airbus. Location: Gatwick. I expected FPS of at least 150 but no.... I was still on 50-60 and it looked like a joke. Display: 1080P Monitor | 8700K @stock | 32 GB RAM | ASUS GTX 1080ti OC Gaming | Latest NVIDIA drivers. Is this normal? FYI: I don't need or want 150 FPS per se but I am trying to find the root cause to the really bad VR performance I have and something is not right in 2D. Which of course will have a major impact in VR
  6. So...to sum up. Fly the slow aircrafts in the countryside, be very careful with the settings and everything is hunky dory. Or...fly any airliner near a city and you will get a headache and vomit during final approach Now...is MSFS VR ready?
  7. When flying the airliners in VR, there's a distubring cockpit glass texture that is making the scenery dull and faded gray. I understand the original purpose in 2D to make it look more like...well glass. But in VR where every pixel and contrast counts, this is very disturbing. Especially when I can lean through the window and see how colorful and contrasty the scenery can look. I've tried to rename the reflection textures but there is still this faded scenery rendering. I would like the scenery to look just like when in external view or in a plane with no window at all
  8. For me VR is not ready. But then again I am not running the latest but no slouch either. 8700K and ROG Strix 1080ti OC. It's a slideshow no matter how low I go on the settings. Others report similar. https://uploadvr.com/microsoft-flight-sim-vr-players-performance-issues/ Then I go to Aerofly FS2 + ORBX. Very smooth with maxed out settings.
  9. This would explain the ongoing VR disapointment then. People are maxing out their creditcards to get the 3090 and overclock their CPU and have to settle with stutters and bad FPS even on low-mid settings. Good times...
  10. So what is the deal with the VR implementation of FS2020. Is it a bad VR implementation or simply the general FS2020 performance to blame? I mean, people with high end GPUs and CPUs tend to run it at 4K monitors with good FPS so in theory most headsets should run fine with high settings. But they just don't? I hope it will be finetuned soon. What worries me is that MS/Asobo strangely enough didn't even consider VR initially which maybe can have an impact on performance if they just made a "quick and dirty" VR patch and called it a day?
  11. Even though I tend to use my tinfoil hat quite often, I wonder if this is the case. If it runs really bad on headsets with lower resolution than G2 then people might get loose their potential interest in the G2. I mean...why bother with higher res if it runs like word not allowed on more GPU friendly headsets... I think the Quest is not optimal for MSFS. Too much GPU power is used to render and send data through the link. I normal games it is of little concern but a beast like MSFS eats everything on the plate in a heartbeat.
  12. I reinstalled Oculus Software and activated the Beta version. Set everything to default. I also turned off ASW. That gave me a little smoother VR experience on my Q2 with the 1080ti. But yeah, it is flickering and stuttering especially close to the ground. ASW doesn't seem to work at all in MSFS. At least not with Quest2 linked...
  13. does this mean that you start the OpenXR dev Tool and run in the background after you have updated the registry? Ie you use the openXR app AND Oculus main app before starting FS? I thought the OpenXR app was for WMR headsets only?
  14. Well...one thing is for sure...I took the A320 high above and cruised through the clouds. Bumped up the cloud resolution just to see the potential. Seeing those clouds in VR, looking down and see clouds on lower altitudes combined with the awesome ground textures...yes it was a stuttery mess but somehow I just didn't care. Never EVER has VR flying been so immersive despite the far from smooth FPS. I got sick after 5 minutes but it was worth it (and I have been in VR since 2017) My only concern is that users with 3080 and 3090's are not getting high enough FPS so I really hope Asobo will patch this. Because once this is smooth and runs well on highres displays....sweet mother of all that is good and pure.
  15. So when running on a quest 2, I've done the change in regedit so the headset can now be detected. But should i still start the MS OpenXR Developer Tool app as suggested by VRFlightsim guy? Or should I only run my oculus apps (main app + traytool or debugtool) before starting MSFS?
  16. Right? I was wondering why my performance with the Quest2 is so bad. I get sick after 5 minutes. Like a slideshow almost...changing settings doesn't help. I can run on high or minimal. Same performance
  17. I think we need a patch from MS/Asobo pretty darn soon. A brand new 3080 and still bad framerates is just not acceptable in 2020/2021. Reverb G2, 3000-series and MSFS VR was supposed to be the dreamteam. A gift from high heaven.
  18. No and no. I returned my G2 yesterday for the exact same reasons you mention. It was more or less useless in flightsim. I had to point my headset and nail sweetspot like a sniper in order to get the runway in focus during approach. Also, when looking around it was a constant combination of sharpness and blur at the same time and that messes with your brain. Doesn't feel immersive at all. I will give it a shot again in 3-4 months. Hopefully the units sold then will be more consistent. Because when it is sharp...holy mother of all that is good and pure!
  19. I miss it like crazy. Not saying I don't appreciate VR now but man...that instant feeling of hope and joy when you try VR for the first time and in a flightsim... word not allowed.
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