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  1. I really like the aircraft except for the "737" style touch down smoke, it is way to big. I replaced the effects section with the default C172 in the aircraft.cfg but to no avail. Any suggestions ?
  2. Press and hold left mouse button and drag left or right.
  3. Last Friday when i started the sim, i heard music........which means BIG TROUBLE! I always turn the music off (annoying) and save before doing anything else. Now the app is asking me to choose various settings bla, bla, bla. After doing that i turn the music down save and exit. Restart...................................music! well you get the point i'm unable to save any settings. I mean the tune isn't that bad but now i know why it sounds so sad. You are going to sit there for hours and hours troubleshooting with a ruined dinner, banging your keyboard (wireless) against your forehead - right ? My sim is installed under C:\Z_F-sim\MSFS2020 The fix: I changed the folder name from uppercase "Z_F-sim" to lower case "z_F-sim" and changed the path in "UserCfg.opt" accordingly - last row. You can of course change the name and path to whatever you want. Restarted the sim and it worked, everything was back to normal. Location of the Usercfg.opt: C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache
  4. Pick whatever wx, delete all wind layers and save as a new wx theme.
  5. The flight was performed with the following conditions: TBM 930 Clear skies No wind Hand flying at 100-500 ft AGL Started with Modern flight model - almost rock steady - then i went into options without closing the session and changed to Legecy - apply and save. Back to the TBM and it immediately started to rock back and forth up to 25 degrees bank.
  6. For me it's tied to the Flight model. Legacy - Terrible no matter what settings. Modern - almost rock steady. Tested with the C172 and the TBM, several A/D's.
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