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  1. Hi all, I like using the addon, very good realism but I get zero ATC when using it, I dont here MSFS default ATC talking to the injected live traffic, any tip? also, my home airport is CYYC Calgary, and when I spawn, I see easyjet planes, Ryanair, AC that should not be there, how do i resolve that? TIA Mike
  2. Hi all, sorry for what is likely a silly question, but I configured the Live Traffic addon with a professional licence, and when I added my liveries and aiports to PSXeeconTraffic I get this error message and I cant for the life of me figure it out. I started in the correct sequence as per the manual also I know its likely something stoopid..... PSXT_MSFS(as server) has finished generating liveries and airports. You may close the program: ( as a note, I have AiG manager and the window shows 2876 liveries and 16417 stock airports. Any pointers? Version 31.1.0 Mike
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