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    My interests other then flight simulation include, aviation photography mostly, reading, and working on computer programs in my free time

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    Over all aviation has been my life ever since I was little and took that first flight to Australia aboard a Qantas 747. What a day that was and what Ive turned into, a truce and certified AVGEEK. Besides flight simulation Im an avid ambition photographer who is based in New England but do travel domestically for other photo shoots, Ive worked wth companies like Spirit Airlines, Wiggins Airways, JetBlue and my local airport in New Hampshire on different photo shoots. When Im not doing that Im working up on finishing my degree and spending time with my family as well as working on and learning new computer programs.

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  1. Wow! Great shots bud! KLAS is on my list currently of US airports to visit this year! Going to be in April I think but I'm not to sure yet. Nevertheless, you showed why so many aviation photographers love to go there! Amazing work and look forward to more shots from Vegas from you!
  2. Hi Jon, These are some great shots! In the states we have something called Red Flag where operations are run and many military aviation spotters head out to see some of the best military hardware the US has to offer. Some stunning stuff here though and the lighting was excellent! Look forward to seeing some more of your posts! Cheers
  3. Just recently a few weeks ago I decided to escape the cold of the North East and head down to Florida fora day trip for some plane spotting fun. I managed to meet up with a few other spotters and did some photography at KFLL as well as KMIA. The overall experience was great to say the least and I look forward to traveling back there again soon. Here is one of my favorite shots I took down at KFLL, which is also up on Jetphotos now. What are your thoughts on Air Canadas newer livery? Do you enjoy this one or the Toothpaste livery???
  4. Sorry for the late response to his mate. Been in the officer from sun up to sun down today and still have loads of work to do. In the past I have worked on projects with Feelthere, Carenado, and PMDG. Ive honestly just don't mostly testing and helped a little with coding. However, that isn't my background so I can only help where im strongest at.
  5. Thank you sir. No worries at all, I hope you understand I meant no disrespect what so ever. Flight sim is a popular hobby of mine and Ive also made it a part time job on the side when Im not working full time or finishing up with my masters. However, I will say Ill give another shot with the forums, its not so much what you said its more so what others say but I have to remember that its all just words. Ive just stood in the back for a long time and watched people criticize the work that I've helped with and that kind of hurts. Nevertheless, I will take your advice and work treating it as such and enjoying the forums as they have been helpful in the past. Thank you again.
  6. I apologize in advance as Im afraid I may have helped stir the pot...wont point any figures but sometimes other comments make me want to comment back. Ive been around flight simulation for about 14 years now and have worked on multiple projects both in FSX/P3D as well as MSFS now. My main issue is change....im not a fan of it and its always hard to get used to something new. I should have worded it a little better as the SDK isn't incomplete so to speak but more so a Frankenstein of multiple layers...don't know how else I could better explain it. The folks at ASOBO have done great work on the sim so far but I feel they have missed the mark on what we as simmers experienced in both P3D and X plane and such. Flight dynamics are slightly different not entirely but just slightly, weather has been improved in MSFS but still needs a decent amount of work. As for PMDG I cannot speak to much on the subject at all, Work is coming along nicely as im sure youve been able to see but until its released no one will truly know. With that said I think ill leave it at that and will think before I speak and also will stay away from the forums as I dont like to get caught up in an argument. Ive done it for 14 years and I think that is were ill go back to...just enjoying flight sim for what its worth. Thank you again to all the guys and gals that have been in the AVSIM forums and community for so long I respect how much you have done and helped.
  7. Im actually new here to AVSIM but Ive been arond flight sim for about 14 years. Im not trying to rile anyone up on the contray Ive never really dealt with the the AVSIM forums for this reason alone I dont like arguing or proving a point but I have worked on a handful of projects not only for FSX/P3D but also now with MSFS. And I respect all you that have been around longer then me. I should have maybe listened to my better judgment and stayed off the forums.
  8. Good point....the closet youll get is a level D simulator
  9. One last point.....there is no such thing as a "Study Level" aircraft in any at home sim....period.
  10. And your telling me....that Robert would admit to something like that? lol HIGHLY DOUBTFUL! but hey good luck
  11. lol believe what you want but you do have the SDK pulled up currently. Let first talk about the similarities between FSX/P3D and MSFS SDKs. Looks almost similar, now there are parts of the SDK that are almost nearly incomplete, if you don't believe me ask someone who has this access. So I do know what im talking about. In all due respect lol LAstly is MSFS wasnt such a hot mess from the ground up wed have more payware aircraft by now, hence the reason almost all 3rd party addons have been small props or turbo props that are easily simulated within the game already....Perfect example C208 and the new Kodiak....legit the same thing.
  12. I disagree...Fenix is brand new to this. with the likes of Fslabs and the in-depth systems they have on their addons I feel like they are currently in the lead. Here's a better question to pose to yourself....why would a company take on the A320 when freeware is already a viable. Why not the A220 or something else why try to work on something thats already being worked on. Andd....lastly PMDG will always drag but its not because in this time they want to its more due to a lack of a complete SDK. Thats what happens when you release a sim in the early and uncomplete stages.
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