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  1. ChangHua


    If you have the Migration tools, Captain Sim 767 works fine with P3D. It works about 99%, only few little things like TACS will have warming indicated is failed. Al thought it works fine in the sim.
  2. I think you mean AMD 5870 eyefinity 6 edition. There is only one GPU on that Card, not 6. I think it would work, but at what price? This is quite OLD GPU, Navdia has 4 generations after that. I am not sure that best setup, you will running pretty low FPS if it can run at all. Plus AMD does not fit FSX that well to beginning, I think your setup will be ticket for trouble.
  3. ChangHua

    ERJ 135/145 v2 issue

    Make sure the planes heading after takeoff is on an intercepted course with your stared Nav/Way points. If the PFD did not display LNAV in a pink color. I think the LNAV is not engaged. That would be a possible issue for you.
  4. ChangHua

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    very very sad day. Allen, may you rest in peace.
  5. ChangHua

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Tom: There is no word can describe the sadness of my feeling right now. You have done so much for the community, your spirit will always be with us.
  6. I watch the podcast from TWIT their windows weekly program. This week they are focus on the new Window 10 release The guests are long time follower of MS, so they kind know what they are talking about in regard to the Microsoft. The indicated that: Window 10 is free, if upgrade within 1 years of release from Win 7, 8, 8.1 it is free for the life of the device. That is what they said. Now, what does that mean? For a PC, change MB and CPU will probably killed it. However, does change HD counted? How about Graphic card? We have no idea at this time. May be may be not. But sure it is interested to see what is coming from the OS. As for why should you move up to Win 10, you don't have. However, Win 7 is going to dropped sometime. All of the developers would eventual start to write software based on the Win 10 platform. If your plan is to use what you have for the rest of device time. Sure, you don't have to upgrade. But I think most of other simmer might have different idea.
  7. ChangHua

    CPU upgrade advice

    if you are not going to overclock, then I5 is fine. Otherwise, in general, I7 is better CPU and can overclock higher. Please noted, the key word is "In general". Your mileage may very depending on too many factors. However, I will try to use NVIDIA graphic card and not SLI, your setup is more on the looking for trouble sides. Both SLI and ATI are not the best combination for FSX