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  1. For the perf page yes. Because the weights you get in the EFB are live weights which means they change. So you can either do it before you pushback and start up. Or while you pushback and startup. For the INIT A page you can do that right away. What I do is get in the cockpit. Get the batteries and external power going. Then get the ADIRS on. Next is go into the AOC menu and go to the flight page request the stuff. Then INIT a page request the flight enter flight number, CI and cruise. Then proceed however you do it after that.
  2. I know that ProATC/SR will not be able to do anything control wise with the PSXT+ Real Traffic, However, I use ProATC/SR for my flying so I can have a half competent ATC because we all know the default MSFS ATC is lackluster at best... I just want to make sure before I go spend money on the product that I will still be able to use ProATC for my flying.
  3. So I used FSHud for my flight last night for the first time since release and I was using it with FSLTL. First things first there is WAY to much constant ATC chatter. Which has to do more with the AI settings. But for the whole flight it was constant talking. (Personally annoyed me). And second it had me going to my waypoints but then the distance was going up saying I was going away from them when I was clearly going towards them… had to DIR to two other way points to fix it. (Rather annoying) thirdly the descent was good until for whatever reason I was descend too late to catch the G/S for the ILS which sucked but it is what it is. And fourthly. Even after clearing me to land I was never given the weather so I just had to look next to the compass to see what the weather was… All in all with this flight I would still give FSHud a 2.5-3/5. not to mention with FSLTL there’s the constant talking to planes but not a single plane took off, taxied, or landed at the airport so basically it was like default ATC in that aspect.
  4. That may be the case. I was told of a work around for other aircraft. Another thing I noticed with using FSHud this flight. Is that even though the flight plan is good according to it. It will have me skip multiple waypoints according to the compass. And if you don’t follow the compass then you get no ATC…
  5. This must be a newer feature then because when I used it, it did not. I just found out that they have been updating it. The last time I used was in late 2020 to early 2021.
  6. I’m not going to lie I use turbo boost on my i9-10850K just because I have never overclocked before and I’m terrified of messing something up. Lol I would love to just OC all my cores, but I’ve also been told that ruins your CPU… Also I wish I could find a legitimate detailed answer on if there is any real benefit to running 1440P in MSFS or if 1080P is better. And by benefit I mean graphical benefit.
  7. I really need to set up a time to get with you on how you got yours to be stutter free. I have a pretty good PC and I still have the most random stutters and it’s rather annoying. I don’t care at all about FPS as I just want a smooth simulation. However, it seems harder and harder to achieve. I am running a i9-10850K, Asus TUF OC 3080 TI, 32GB RAM. I cannot run the sim on ULTRA preset if I want to even attempt to use the Fenix. As soon as it’s on ULTRA in the Fenix I stutter just looking around in the cockpit with AI traffic completely off. I’m not positive if it’s because I’m running at 1440P. But it has definitely slowly been ruining my want to even continue to use MSFS.
  8. So here is my experiences with Pilot2ATC, FSHud, and ProATC/SR: Pilot2ATC: PROS: Never had a vectoring issue for ILS. Free 10 day trial. Drew a taxi line on the map for you to follow. Does not need a microphone. There is a way around that and it works just the same. CONS: Has a very strong learning curve Very outdated UI Lack of ATC talking with AI aircraft. Gives the feeling you are all alone. the default voices are very robotic at best. SID/STAR was never assigned to me. (Could have been my settings or me importing simbrief). Not once did the ATC ever step me down on descent it was always “cleared VIA STAR” and was on you to know when to descend and to what level… Rather impractical to me. Was told multiple times to hold position or hold short for no reason when this does not recognize AI traffic. FSHUD: First let me say I haven’t used it since it released as I had a lot of issues. PROS: Controls AI aircraft. Injects traffic/works with FSLTL. Support is super responsive and seem like they want to make a good product. had an arrow for you to use to help you taxi. Interface is nicely done and easy to use. Does not need a microphone. CONS: You had to assign your runway, SID, STAR . These did not change due to weather. Unless you build your flight plan a specific way you would not get stepped down it was the same cleared via STAR. Voices were okay. Traffic movement was horrendous (not blaming the addon as a lot of it is due to MSFS) the injector routine did not inject traffic. If the injector did not know your airline you just got called a bunch of numbers. Along with this major airlines such as Frontier was not recognized. No one knows when they will actually get around to having SID/STAR assigned even though they do a lot of updates a lot of them are extremely small bug fixes. FSHud will not work with airports bought through the marketplace as well . PROATC/SR: PROS: Voices are good if you turn off ones that you wouldn’t normally hear in your area. Flight planning is easy. Assigns SID/STAR runway. Steps down ALT. Works pretty well. Does not need a microphone. CONS: ATC will vector you every single approach. At least for me. No matter what I was vector to the left then back to the right and back to the left. It would descend me to 1500 and then I would finally catch the LOC at the very last waypoint before the runway… ATC will also vector you straight into the ground which is what happened on my last flight into KSLC. Lack of updates. However, this developer is known for that. Same thing they did with Proatc-X. The developer/moderators on the forums do NOT take any type of complaint. Everything will always be “pilot (you) error” They also will ban you if you do not put your full real name in your signature on their forum… (power hungry much?) Does not control AI traffic but does talk with it. Will never be told to hold position or anything. will be cleared for take off with an AI actively landing right in front of you on same runway. the main thing no one has said is ProATC/SR only works with 4 aircraft. Those being Fenix a320, PMDG 736/737, Leonardo Maddog X. If you use it for MSFS. The program has been out for over 2 months and has not had an update. All the forum will say is “it’s planned for a fix in an update” My honest opinion is if they do an update it won’t be anything major (hopefully I’m wrong). The other big negative is the god awful “makerunways” program for ProATC/SR to read all the airports including your addon ones. First there is no good instructions on how to know if this worked when you ran it. Also the user manual in general for the program is very crappy. For instance I use the Inibuilds KLAX. I have run “makerunways” at least 3 times and it still will not read the airport correctly. it has gates at wrong terminals as well as when you taxi it will just say “TAXI VIA (blank) to gate X” The map it comes with to show you the airport and taxiways is broken and doesn’t show most of the taxiways All in all there is no perfect ATC addon… it’s going to be a compromise about what you are wanting and willing to live without. I would easily go back to FSHud if they ever do make it so it assigns SID/STAR as I feel that’s a major part of ATC. But also in the real world your airline dispatcher is the one who makes your entire flight plan and files it with ATC. So simbrief assigning runway, SID, STAR is accurate, but as always ATC has the final say and authority to change it at any time.
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