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  1. I tried this as well and failed. I have made a number of checklists for other planes without a problem...but for some reason this file is not being read when the plane loads.
  2. Thank FS++ fir all the information and explanation. Purchasing the full version..
  3. Thank you again...you have been very kind with your time. Unfortunately I was only able to use the Demo 2 times during the trial period, (other commitments called me away from my free time) so I did not get things squared away completely. But I believe I do understand how MCE works thanks to your explanations and from what I read. It is very versitile, customizable, and I especially like that aspect of it. I see the true value of MCE is going to be the extent of commands that are programed into MCE by the MCE staff for a particular plane. I assume the PMDG NGX MCE.pdf is the command data base for MSFS 2020 PMDG B737-700? If so is that a complete list of commands available? And as important...how complete are the commands that would have multiple variables to evaluate? For example. The YAW DAMPER Command. It activates the YAW DAMPER switch to the ON position, but does it also evaluate the state of the YAW DAMPER light to be OFF? Are these steps for each command viewable? Thanks Franco4flyin
  4. Did get it working somewhat…noticed that the flow for pre flight overhead was not proper and he could not accept me verifying that the window heat he had turned on was indeed on when going through the checklist…kept telling me to check it again. So I take it these are scripts made by users and have issues? I’m going to look into the create and edit application for this, maybe if it’s not real difficult or time consuming I will make my own scripts. thanks for the support.
  5. Thank you FS++. I did the install wizard again to be sure and everything went smoothly. I do see the folders and files in my documents folder as you described. I am in the sim with the app open and in box scrip tab I see the flows listed. I said “ start electrical power up for external power” and he replied “beginning flight counter, my name is Clive, I always fell comfortable flying with you”. Then called me boss I think. Second time around used “begin….” He replied beginig flight counter then tried to disconnect the external power…..ok third time he got it…. I’ll see if I can continue…thanks for the help!
  6. i downloaded the demo, did the set up. Started MSFS, got in the PMDG 737 at the gate. Started MCE. Copilot came on but was useless. He would not do anything other than read out checklists? He did not do any of the preflight procedure flow and when I asked him to start an engine he mucked that up as well. Do not see how this "supports PMDG 737". Am I missing something?
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