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  1. Hi All. SimFly Pad iOS 3.4.0 has been released (alongside SimFlyLinker 3.4.0 version), and is now available for update on the AppStore. Note: This update includes an upgrade of the Core plugin in SimFlyLinker, which requires upgrading the Core plugin within SimFlyLinker. Key updates include: Addition of the PA24/Comanche 250 advanced panel. Official release of the B787 panel. Improved video connection speed in pop-up windows. Addition of a one-click NAV1 to NAV2 sync feature in the B737 panel. Adjustment of button font and size in MCDU/CDU. Fixed scrolling lock button issue on iOS 17. Fixed an issue with the General panel. Resolved the issue of streaming windows not transmitting in manual IP mode. Stability enhancements. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to share.
  2. Can't wait for the official release to fly with the latest ATC system.
  3. Hi benne36, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, the cockpit control feature is currently only available in the iOS version of SimFlyPad, and the Android version is still under development, which expected to be released in the first half of next year. Best regrads. Ethan
  4. Hello everyone, I am delighted to announce that the SimFly Pad B787 panel has been officially released. You can now experience it by updating the SimFlyPad iOS version to 3.3.0. You can watch a demonstration of the SimFly Pad B787 panel in the video below. Key features: ● Support for remote control of MFD! Yes, you can now use the touch function on SimFlyPad to operate the MFD. ● Support for all MCP functions. ● Support for operating most of the operable buttons on the MSFS B787 overhead panel. (Many of the buttons are not usable in MSFS's 787 itself) ● Support for Asobo B787-10 & Horizon B787-9. Usage Restrictions: ● Due to a technical level issue involving a bug fixed only in the SU14 version, users who want to use this panel need to upgrade their MSFS version to SU14 BETA, or restart the game after opening the DEV mode. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment and feedback.
  5. Everytime I received an update about PMDG DC6 I will give it a try, and each time it ends with a malfunctional AP system(only use VOR for me).
  6. SimFlyPad SimFly Pad is a mobile app available on both Android and iOS platforms (iOS requires version 16.0 or above). It comes with features such as flight checklists, in-flight photography, flight recording, and cockpit control (remote MCDU, FCU, MCP controls). SimFly Linker SimFly Linker, on the other hand, is a PC application that acts as a bridge connecting SimFly Pad and your simulator (currently only supports MSFS2020). To fully utilize the functions of SimFly Pad, SimFly Linker is an important component. https://flightsim.to/file/36894/simflylinker-take-scrrenshots-from-your-phone Main Features The main features of SimFlyPad are as follows: Cockpit Control (only available on iOS for now) Direct control of various panels during flight (autopilot, lighting, switches, flaps, etc.) The universal panel supports most build-in GA aircraft types. Advanced panels currently support: PMDG B737: https://secure.simmarket.com/seeingsky-inc-simflypad-b737-premium-panel-msfs.phtml Fenix/FBW A320: https://secure.simmarket.com/seeingsky-inc-simflypad-a320-premium-panel-msfs.phtml C172 G1000 G1000 more advanced panels rolling out in the future. All components are implemented natively, offering higher performance and lower latency. In-flight Photography/Recording Allows direct screen capture and recording within the game All recordings come with your flight data (altitude, speed, location) Flight data supports cloud storage Supports the creation of videos with flight data charts Allows viewing of current flight environmental information (altitude, air pressure, wind force) Interactive Checklists Supports voice interaction (iOS version only) Comes with over 10 popular model checklists Allows custom checklists Supports online checklist search and edit. https://web.simflypad.app/ Flight Logs Manages and records all your flight logs Allows importing of FDR data for flight analysis after each flight (landing G-force, flight trajectory, cruising, etc.) Supports creating flight trajectory maps Supports cloud storage for flight logs More features are comming. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to share them. Ethan
  7. Hello Aviators! I am Ethan, the creator of SimFlyPad/SimFlyLinker, and I'm delighted to welcome you to our official form. This space is dedicated to bringing you the latest news, providing robust product support, and fostering engaging discussions about all things related to SimFlyPad. What to Expect in SimFlyPad Forum: Latest News: Be the first to know about updates, new features, and other exciting news related to SimFlyPad. Product Support: As the author of SimFlyPad, I will be directly providing support and answering your queries, ensuring you have the best experience with our products. Engaging Discussions: Share your experiences, ideas, and feedback about SimFlyPad. Your insights are invaluable in shaping the future of our products. Thank you for being part of this journey. I am looking forward to your contributions and discussions here.
  8. I used to fly the DC-6 in MSFS using only VOR navigation. At that time, I liked to use the route finder feature with the VOR-only option in SimBrief, which I found to be quite useful.
  9. Just say hi to everyone~
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