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  • AVSIM CTD Guide By Jim Young

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    This AVSIM Crash-to-Desktop (CTD) guide provides investigative techniques you can try when you get one of those dreaded crashes while loading the sim to your setup screen, during the loading to the flight, or during the flight.  Most importantly, the guide includes tips on preventing crashes, probable causes, and you may see some actual fixes we found while searching the Internet and scanning forums throughout the flight simulation community.  For the purposes of this guide, a CTD includes incid
  • The 2014 Flight Simmer's Demographic Survey By Tom Allensworth

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    This is the raw data from the 2014 Demographic Survey used to generate these charts, found here. Click on the link and you can also join the conversation about the survey.
  • AVSIM Basic FSX Configuration Guide By Jim Young

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    The AVSIM Basic FSX Configuration Guide provides members with a one-stop guide for configuring FSX for optimum performance.  Our goal at AVSIM is to make configuring FSX as simple as possible and to educate.  There are many FSX Configuration Guides published around the Internet and a member only has to do an Internet search using the Google or Bing search engines to find them.   The Microsoft-owned Flight Simulator is possibly the game industry's longest-running continuous franchise. The f
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