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Hi, I wonder if anyone could shine some light on my questions =).1) For the PMDG 737NG, do other doors other than the main cabin one opens? And if so, what commands open them?2) How do I know when to retract the flaps on takeoff, and when to extend the flaps on landing? Related: when do I know when to decelerate, so I can get to a speed to extend the flaps?3) Can it be too early to press APP?Thanks.

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1) Never played with the doors.2) Flaps are retracted and extended on a schedule written about in the manual. Basically, retract accelerating through the flap number on the tape and extend deaccelerating throught the flap number. Then flap numbers on the tape are setup when you have the FMC programmed for takeoff or landing. I try to be at 210kias about 5 nm before I intercept the final approach course, then I can easily slow through the flap numbers as I get close and about 15-deg flaps as I turn inbound.3) You might not want to press APP if you are above GS if your intention is to continue descent to the published intercept altitude.. I can think of several reasons why it's hard to say "the" time to arm APP; however, in general, I arm APP while on a course to intercept the final course about the time the LOC indicator comes alive. If I want to intercept final but I'm not ready to relinquish pitch control then I arm LOC/VOR instead of APP.. then select APP when ready. I prefer intercepting the final course about 3-5 nm outside of the FAF but ATC can drop you right on it and things get busy.

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