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747X Performance Options

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Hi Guys,If I have disabled the VC via the load manager. Will there be a benefit to turning down the VC framerate performance "knob" to 0 in the PMDG options? Meaning, is the sim holding back any frames for the VC even though it's disabled?Strange enough, with the 2D panel only, I'm getting less frames than the outside views. I just want to make sure I don't have a setting that's holding me back.Thanks,John



- John Drago

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Any idea, how I can reduce the usage of memory? I get OOM. It has improved a bit since the patch. I see the memory go up to 2.1G and not crash. But eventually it crashes sometimes.Is there a way for me to disable the 2D texture. I never use the 2D to fly. Would that save memory?Manny


Beta tester for SIMStarter 

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