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PHNL (Honolulu Arpt. data ) with Cycle 803

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hi All,i'm currently enroute to Honolulu from Miami in the PMDG 747(FS9) and there is No SIDS/STARS, ILS, RNWYs. data displayed in the FMC on the DEP/ARR PAGES for PHNL. i looked in the PMDG SIDS/STARS folder and the PHNL txt. file for PHNL is there. i got a couple of Program Error msgs. related to PHNL when i entered PHNL into the Destination field on the Rte.1 page but i can't remember the wording. (sorry) i'm using the Navigraph 803 cycle along with Terry Yinglings and Dan Downs 803 cycle SIDS/STARS. is this a PHNL error in the 803 Navigraph cycle? thanks in advance for any info. happy flyin, Tim Wheeler

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Oh, darn. My first bug report.Use the attached file, change name to PHNL.txtI updated the FIXES from the FAA's CDROM and I "always" make sure the changes work... except this time. The FAA doesn't publish about 32 fixes used in the procedures, which I looked up when I did the original but didn't save when I updated the fix list. The attached is corrected copy.You can also insert the following text anywhere in the PHNL.txt file between FIXES and ENDFIXES:FIX BAMBO LATLON N 21 24.997 W 157 30.602FIX BITTA LATLON N 23 31.682 W 155 28.730FIX CANON LATLON N 22 48.090 W 162 37.013FIX CHAIN LATLON N 20 58.380 W 156 55.545FIX CRISI LATLON N 20 27.735 W 157 03.945FIX DANNO LATLON N 23 31.993 W 161 34.908FIX DENNS LATLON N 22 21.803 W 153 52.835FIX FIRES LATLON N 20 19.422 W 156 56.157FIX GRITL LATLON N 21 19.660 W 157 37.402FIX HNL50 LATLON N 20 37.452 W 158 26.562FIX HNL100 LATLON N 19 56.313 W 158 57.025FIX LIH100 LATLON N 23 21.465 W 160 20.167FIX LIH123 LATLON N 23 40.625 W 160 34.113FIX LIH50 LATLON N 22 39.738 W 159 50.075FIX MKK20 LATLON N 20 58.537 W 156 51.353FIX MKK40 LATLON N 21 34.645 W 156 35.163FIX MKK100 LATLON N 22 32.277 W 156 11.217FIX MKK150 LATLON N 23 14.132 W 155 41.362FIX OPACA LATLON N 20 56.337 W 158 14.242FIX SHARK LATLON N 22 30.910 W 156 05.383FIX SHIGI LATLON N 21 18.252 W 158 10.283FIX SOBOW LATLON N 20 50.110 W 157 11.260FIX SOLCE LATLON N 22 23.900 W 156 14.560FIX SOMOH LATLON N 22 19.290 W 156 20.550FIX SOPIW LATLON N 22 23.250 W 156 48.440FIX SUCTU LATLON N 20 51.150 W 157 24.470FIX SYVAD LATLON N 21 55.467 W 162 45.480FIX THOMA LATLON N 23 56.607 W 160 45.810The third fix is to download the file from the library phnl_sidstars_0803.zip (oughta be up tomorrow).So sorry about this.

Dan Downs KCRP

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