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  1. thanks for links Tim, Ryanhappy flyin, Tim Wheeler
  2. updated; Tim,i do not have a fan speed control setting option in the Nvidia control panel. do i need a certain driver version & up for this? i'm currently using version... dated 9/27/09 (according to the driver version info. in Dev. Mgr)happy flyin, Tim Wheeler
  3. hi Tim,thanks for the info. i did not know that you could control the fan speed inside the Nvidia control panel. i thought a 3rd party tool was required for that. i will experiment with the fan speed setting as you suggested. however, i do have the disappearing texture issues both inside the PMDG 744X cockpit and on the exterior of the A/C during night, dusk, and dawn flying. i've even seen All 4 engines missing before. also, missing terrain, & sky textures. my last night flt. attempt from KSFO-EGLL, All of the Terminals was missing at EGLL when i landed.happy flyin, Tim Wheeler
  4. hi *******,i'm not using any BufferPool setting or any other setting/tweak in the FSX cfg. filei did change the Texture Bandwith Mult= setting from the default 40 to 80. that's it. nothing else
  5. you are correct. however, Nothing Ever shows up in Event Viewer in reference to the FSX black screen crashes. Nothing to do with Nhancer or any Nvidia drivers either.does this mean that i have a prob. with the 285? the reason i ask is that the black screen probs. that im having is that the system seems to be hung after the black screen occurs. i have to press the reset switch and reboot to get back to the desktop. sometimes during the initial reboot i get a BIOS beep code that (according the ASUS P6T-Deluxe V2 Manual) indicates that the video card is not detected. however, the system will continue the boot process normally into Windows. occasionally, the initial restart via the reset switch will not work and i have to turn the PSU off via the PSU power switch. then i can turn the PC back on via the power switch on the PC and the PC will boot into Windows without any probs.thanks again for the help.happy flyin, Tim Wheeler
  6. hi *******,the "black screen" problems that you mention in some of ur previous posts, does the monitor go into low power/stand-by mode within a split second or two following the black screen? if so, i'm really looking forward to the fix for this one. btw, i'm using an Evga GTX285 (factory o/c'd) & Win7 x-64. your time and help with all these issues is much appreciated.happy flyin, Tim Wheeler
  7. hi Nick,i have a couple of questions for ya. first off, i have the Ausus P5E3 Deluxe WiFi mobo. - BIOS 0601 w/Intel QX9650 2GB of Corsair DDR# 1333 running at 1333 speed with 9-9-9-24 timings.i read in another thread where you stated that the P5E3Deluxe mobo. was a dud. my questions are as follows...1. is the P5E3 Deluxe a dud from a stability or performance standpoint? or both?2.(trying to OC to 4Ghz) i'm using a Zalman CNPS 9500AT all copper heatsink and can't get the PC past the WinXP splash screen during boot. FSB=333 Multiplier=12 Vcore voltage is set to 1.325 i haven't changed the "Strap" thingy setting or the CPU PLL voltage settings in the BIOS. don't know what those settings are for and didn't want to possibly damage an expensive CPU. the CPU is running stable at 3.7Ghz OC at 333 FSB with an 11 mult. anyway i can hit the 4Ghz. mark with stability under full load without exceeding the max. vcore voltage and max temp ranges?3. in the BIOS hardware monitor with vcore set at 1.325, the actual voltage to the processor is showing 1.274 volts. is this accurate? if so, why isn't the proc. getting the 1.325 volts?4. while shutting the computer down from within Windows and the "Windows is Shutting Down" text apeears on the screen the competer makes a "click" sound as if the computer is being turned off. the power light on the computer goes out, the optical light on the mouse goes out, along with the power light on the FFB2 joystick. then nearly 10 seconds later the computer actually turns off. PSU and everything else. is this normal for a Quad-Core CPU system or is it a BIOS issue? or a mobo prob?(i hope not) any thoughts? 5. from reading alot of the posts in the Asus forum for this mobo. it appears that it's a nightmare getting the PC to boot after updating the BIOS on these boards. any suggestions on this as well?thanks in advance for your help. happy flyin, FMupdate; to all, please disregard this post. i started a new thread. thx., fm
  8. FlyinMisfit

    FSX question for Phil Taylor

    thanks for the info. Phil. btw, i'm not using DX10. i'm using WinXP SP2. i apologize for not mentioning that in my initial post. what i was asking was with SP2 installed are any of the cfg. file tweaks "still necessary"? i wasn't asking if installing SP2 "changed" any of the cfg. file tweaks. i apologize if i mis-interpreted your post. correct me if i did.also, thanks to Ryan for his suggestions. happy flyin, fm
  9. hi Phil,with SP1 & SP2 installed, is any of the FSX cfg. file tweaks still necessary? if so, which ones do you recommend? i couldn't find any info. regarding this in your blog. thanks in advance for any info. happy flyin, FM
  10. FlyinMisfit

    FS11 - Will the scenery engine improve?

    hi Mike T.very well said. i whole-heartedly agree.happy flyin, fm
  11. thanks for the info. Mike. i'm trying to convince myself that the 3870X2 is enough of an improvement over the X1950XTX to justify an upgrade. happy flyin, fm
  12. hi Mike,glad your enjoying your new card. if you don't mind my asking what are the rest of your system specs as well as your OS? thanks in advance for the info. happy flyin, fm
  13. FlyinMisfit

    question for the PMDG team

    thanks Ryan happy flyin, Tim Wheeler
  14. FlyinMisfit

    question for the PMDG team

    how are things going with the SR for the 747X? just curious. thanks in advance for any info. happy flyin, Tim Wheeler