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If I buy a commercial product, am I the customer?

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We are truly blessed in our hobby by the overwhelming amount of add-ons that help us settle into our pilot chairs and simulate almost every aviation scenario we can think of.Every time I fly, I'm grateful that I have variety beyond the default aircraft and scenery to keep me from getting bored and wanting more.I have freeware, shareware, and pure payware added to my sims. In addition, I have expectations that come with each.For freeware - my expectations are right where they belong. I'm looking at someone's effort and appreciating every second of it. If it re-boots my system - no problem. It's a great risk for the price that often pays off with a great add-on. Often, the author is happy to help.For Shareware - my expectations grow a little more. Once my hard earned dough is laid out, I expect a decent level of support. However, I fully realize I share some responsibility as the shareware allows me to try before I buy. I also know that I'm dealing with a hobbyist on the other end trying to recoup some development costs. So if something doesn't work out, I'm certainly not going to break one's spirit.I could lump some lower-priced payware into this category as well.For Premium Payware - my expectations for functionality and support are high. Especially payware w/out a trial period. And most especially, download payware that can't be returned.Once a developer leaves the realm of shareware and markets a high-priced commercial product, the playing field changes for support as well.I'd also like to mention that the Flight Sim community is very courteous and polite with one another (almost annoyingly so for us cranky types).Forums have become the medium for support for most commercial packages now. Public forums to be more precise which helps the community see and answer many questions.I appreciate the help and find many answers here. But now and then, I have to post as I'm frustrated and stuck - and on a few occasions, feeling ripped off.What I do find unacceptable on a commercial product is the following answers to my questions:"See Post from two weeks ago. This question has been asked before""Read your manual. Your answer was in section 17 page 192"In addition, I

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