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Thank You Very Much PMDG!

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I have flown the NGX a few times now and I and absolutely blown away by the level of detail, and im sure everyone can agree with me on that one! The hard work and time put into this product is very apprent and you guys really deserve a pat on the back! :) I've just finished a flight from Cape Town to Ivato in Madagascar, and I've never enjoyed a flight so much before. The flight was beautiful, no problems, nice frames, and the aircraft just looks stunning! I've just got a few shots here from the flight to share the amazing sunset I've just experienced. flight4.jpgflight3.jpgflight2.jpgflight1.jpg My computer isnt the best around, performance wise, and the NGX has proven to be friendly, getting around 25 frames in the 2D panel. But unfortunately, in the 3D panel I do experience some low frames (around 7fps) even in the cruise, but its still flyable and until I get myself a new machine, I can most definitely cope :) To anyone who is considering buying the NGX, do not hesitate! It is by far the nicest and detailed airliner i've ever flown for Flight Sim, and believe me, I've flown quite a few! Well done again PMDG and thank you!I'm sure future developments will be able to match this standard or even exceed it!Darshak Whittaker

Darshak Whittaker



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PMDG, Congratulations and thank you for this awesome bird. Some people is thinking that there're some problems into this but it is false, the problem is that they don't take a look of the introduction included with the manuals. I have had some problems with this airplane but it's because of my machine. And I can say that my machine (in terms of specs.) is not worth of this airplane.im Not Worthy.gif Again. thank you and congratulations you all really deserve a long vacation.Big Grin.gif

Jorge Escobar.

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as soon as I land I just cant wait for the next flight!. That really says it all hehe.

Andrew Simmons





Intel i7 950+Corsair H70.

6 Gig ram Kingston Hyperx 1600Mhz

ASUS GTX560 Ti (900mhz core/1800Shader/2100Memory)

1T Cavier Black HD + 1T Cavier Green for backup jobs.

Win7 64 Bit

Asus X58A-UD3R (Rev2)

OCZ 600w PSU





DA-20 Katana Diamond (Aerosoft)

A2A B377 (Captain of the Ship) Flightsim Labs ConcordeX.

TM Warthog/TIR5/REX2/ASE/Topcat/RadarContact4/FSX

PMDG MD-11/J41/Old737NG/747-400x /IFly737FSX/A2A Spitfire/A2A B-17 Accusim

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