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  1. I have just rejoined this thread after a long time "under a rock" I am so sorry to hear about your brother Mark, I was there when the NGX was first released and I remember clearly the feeling I had when I first stepped into that aircraft. PMDG had done such a terrific job when I saw there was an enhancement I didn't think it could be done but Steve really raised the bar to the overall feeling of the sim. I never knew him other than the work he had done for the NGX and a few forum posts, but he was an integral part of my flightsimming for a long time, I had a terrific amount of respect for him and he will surely be missed by all in our community. I express my deepest condolences to you and your family. rest in peace
  2. I've got the md11 training from aoa and I found it to be fantastic, I had flown the md11 for a bit before I bought it and thought I had it down but my eyes were opened to a whole new level of systems depth, properly doing procedures and flight planning. Completely satisfied with what I recieved.Onto the ngx training, before the ngx was released, aoa said "training will be available from day one" now this I was stunned by I mean, how are they going to make the vids without the plane, I thought they must have done a lot of prep work for the whole set of vids and once the ngx was released they would fill in the blanks. After the ngx launch yes you could give them your money when they said you could, but for an incomplete product. How would you feel if PMDG said hey the ngx is realeased give us your money, but all you got was the landing gear... Hypothetical and exaggerated of course but you see my point. It's now been quite a while since the release and the training is still incomplete, why say yeah here's your training you paid for, ill give you the rest of your product when its done.I am a huge fan on aoa, they really are the leaders in flightsim cbt and I really did enjoy their md11 training, but I don't think ill bother with the ngx for the simple fact that you don't release a product until its done! (the PMDG way!) Who ever said get a printed copy of the fcom, brilliant idea! I might just do that instead!
  3. yeah these sounds are spot on steve! thanks very much for all the hard work put in to these
  4. thanks steve, sounds downloaded, ill install them later tonight :) looking forward to the final version!
  5. Hey guys thanks for a very quick reply! I do have the original pack which was the one I installed first I then found the update and tried that one and it does sound a good bit better than the original release apart from the shudder, I'm not in any hurry to get rid of the shudder it was merely a suggestion to further improve the fantastic work you have already done :) once again thank you for your contribution to our community :)
  6. hey guys, i would like to start by extending my gratitude for your hard work! thank you! your work has greatly improved the overall realism on the ground, one thing i will say is that i dont like the nosewheel shudder, apart from that everything else sounds spot on! would be great if we could get an update without the shudder :)
  7. I would love to see a worldflight livery available for this year it would be much appreciated for someone could pick this one up :D
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