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Most likely posting this subject under the wrong topic heading but I did see the subject raised here previously, unable to track it down. What is the fix when during reinstall you see a notification saying .... "you have reach your limit with the number of times you have reinstalled FSX and your Product Key is not longer valid to register" Just doing a reinstall of FSX Deluxe on a new system. Unaware that you only have a number of re-installations of FSX. Can any of you guys advise what the fix is for this.



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You have to call the 888 or 800 number for support and it will ask you for your validation key. type that in and here is the important part when the automated voice ask you how many computers you have installed this on say one (1). and it will say its updating your key and will then give you a new one. Write it down and then type it in should be good to go


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I`ve done it a few times now as I regularly swap machines, swap parts out amongst my collection and format 2-3 times a year, by choice. Ringing the number is the easiest. This last time I had to ring for FSX and Vista too. "How many machines have you got FSX installed on", reply was 1. "Have you got the ID number that was specified in the screen where you got the phone number?". Reply was yes, next I keyed in 9 sets of 6 numbers(?) with a hash or asterisk or something to continue to the next, not hurried at all. Finally the new number was read out to me. For Vista I was told I had to key it in while they were on the phone and ensure it worked. For FSX I carefully wrote down the numbers next to the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 I had written on notepaper. After the call ended I typed them in with no problem at all. Just make sure you have peace and quiet around you at the time and not rushed for time either so you panic and write down the wrong number.

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