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    Thanks Blaze, Glad you enjoy them.
  2. From the album: The VRS F-18 - Superbug & TacPac

    These new textures are absolutely out of this world crazy good.
  3. Ernie, change to the Standard mode instead of the WX Plus engine and set your initial load delay time in the config between 2 - 5 minutes this will stop the freezing and the weather injection every two minutes.
  4. You should have HT turned off period with an Intel core, AMD is a different beast altogether, and I have a friend Paul Jenkins that was on the FSX Testing team and worked with the Microsoft "Aces" team and he calculated these numbers, I am not just throwing random numbers out there dude....lol These do work! i was just saying that AM=14 is a great stand-by but try the others. you can go to Intel.com and find your specific processor number and see exactly how many cores and threads you have and then match it up to the number that corresponds to the AM to use. Here is Paul's List = For 2-core 4-thread CPU 15=1111 = ALL 4 cores 14=1110 = last 3 cores (cores read from back to front) 7=0111 = first 3 cores 3=0011 = first 2 cores 1=0001 = first core For 4-core 8-thread CPU 255=11111111 = ALL 8 cores 254=11111110 = last 7 cores 252=11111100 = last 6 cores 127=01111111 = first 7 cores 63=00111111 = first 6 cores For 6-core 12-thread CPU 4095=111111111111 = ALL 12 cores 4094=111111111110 = last 11 cores 4092=111111111100 = last 10 cores
  5. Well I did go on and on in that one, you should see one that isn't short....lmao and I thought that was funny as well after I finished it....lol And yes, so far all of the comments posted on my Youtube page for that video in particular have been positive. I also have more video tutorilas for Installing REX Products. I am assuming that you did not see any improvemnet in FSX following the tweaks I listed in it and actually I would love to hear your comments if they did not help your FSX performance. that is the only way I can address them and find out why they did not work for you but they did for other people. I would really like to see a copy of your FSX CFG. and let me have a crack at improving your FSX performance. Feel free to send me a pm. Thanks ~ James
  6. Try setting your Bufferpools to 20000000 or 25000000 and remember UsePools =0 should only be used if you have 2GB or more dedicated video memory on your graphics card. UsePools=1 utilizes the computers memory and UsePools=0 draws memory from the video card directly. Also if you are running a quadcore processor try different Affinity Mask settings =14 is the standard but you can also try 255, 63, 252, and 254. A lot of people get stutters with 255 but try them out and see if you get some improvment. If you are so inclined you can drop a copy of your current FSX CFG. in a pm to me, I will have a go at it and you can drop it back in your FSX and see if it makes a difference. I have done this for like 15 people all have seen improvements and they can all now run FSX with there scenery sliders set to max with very good performance. Hope this helps. ~ James
  7. Thanks Pete. Seems my posts keep magically disappearing .....lol Sad you can't even try to help people here.
  8. Glad to hear Pete. estipi, thanks! Please give the tweaks a try, they usually help. Going on 1700 views with this video and I have only heard positive comments. A lot of different tweaks in this one some for FSX and for your computer. And thanks for letting me know if they improve your FSX performance. James
  9. Give this a look, I have put several FSX Tweaks in here.
  10. Give this a look, I have put several FSX Tweaks in here. You can see my system specs just click on the link here in my profile. I am getting amazing FPS, It's all in the tweaks man. I mean you need a decent system but tweaks make all the difference. Shots with some of the FPS I am getting These are the Alabeo D-17 Staggerwing / REX Essentials Plus Overdrive / Megascenery X Florida / FlyTampa Tampa RE-Booted running, and The PMDG 738WL with Shockwave 3D Lights / REX Essentials Plus Overdrive / Megascenery X Florida / FlyTampa Tampa RE-Booted running at the same time. All of my FSX Scenery Sliders are set to max, I have not OC'ed anything on my system. I have seen over 250FPS in the VRS F-18 Superbug with all of the add-ons running. I will look for those shots but you get the idea. Hope this helps. James
  11. jpuustinen, Sorry my friend I was informed by Tom an Avsim staff member that I will not be allowed to post my screenshots if they show REX textures and weather. If you would like to continue this conversation, I would be more than happy to do that or if anyone needs any help setting up REX to perform properly we can continue this on the REX Facebook page or on my personal FB page Link = FSX - Flight Sim Addict Just search on FB you will find it. Thanks Gents!
  12. Thanks guys, I just bought the EVGA GTX660ti FTW + LE 3GB card and it is stock I haven't even tried to OC it. All my FSX Scenery sliders are set to max. and you can see my FPS in the first two shots. My card is set to 120 FPS and FSX unlimited I would watch the video, It's all about the tweaks man....lol
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