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The Worlds Largest Miniature Airport

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That's really cool, I thought my model railroad up in my loft was big at 124 square feet, which has about 600 little cars and trucks all over it in addition to the trains and stuff, but mine is small compared to that. Still, at least mine didn't cost three and a half million Euros to build LOL. It's really cool the way they've got the planes taking off and landing and taxying around, but for a model that cost three and a half million Euros, I'd have wanted the planes that were landing to lower their flaps and puff out some tire smoke on touchdown. I'm pretty sure those fiendishly clever Germans could have figured out how to pull that off considering all the other stuff that is going on since it looked very much like it was all under computer control, which I daresay it is, I mean even the indicators were working on the little vehicles! Al

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