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Flightsim Show 19/20 May

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Yeah, I'm certainly aware of it and have been for the number of years it has taken place, but I've never been because frankly it's in a rather inconvenient place for a large proportion of UK simmers, since Weston super Mare is hardly a central location. It would cost me the best part of 200 quid to get there by train, and I'd have to stay overnight too, so that's another fifty quid, and if I drove there it would take about nine hours as a round trip.


Somewhere around the Midlands or Sheffield would be a far better choice. Look at the Avsim member map of UK simmers and you'll see why I suggest that; some people on mainland Europe are nearer to Weston super Mare than simmers in Northern Ireland, Northern England and Scotland:




Shame really, I'd like to go, but it's just not a practical location for a UK show unless you have your own helicopter. It would have been great for me when I lived in Cornwall back in the 1980s though LOL.



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I have to agree with you Chock, I see this every year and think, Screw it I should go, but id only end up spending more money getting there, than I actually would in the place.. But in reality if i did go down, Id probably end up spending a fortune..


I am on that map, but i didnt realise there were 27 other flightsimmers in rough local.

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