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Cloud draw issue (a quick experiment!) Your help will be much appreciated

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Hi there,


This request is not 737NGX related however as the issue is sooo annoying whilst flying the 737NGX or indeed any aircraft within FSX, I gratefully request your help.


Here goes:


I'd be really grateful for those with the acceleration version of FSX to carry out a quick experiment for me; the purpose of which should definitively determine whether your version is free from the cloud draw issue I frequently experience with the SP2 version.


Here is a brief synopsis of the issue:


When I'm flying in and out of clouds in FSX, it is incredibly annoying and highly unrealistic to clearly see clouds in the distance whilst in a cloud. Furthermore, I frequently notice clouds further away in the distance superimposed on clouds closer in...again totally unrealistic. I show an example of what I mean. The image clearly shows the aircraft in a cloud layer yet cumulus clouds are clearly visible in the distance when they should obscured from view. See example of the issue via the link below.



FYI, I’m using version 10.0.61472.0 (FSX-sp2.20071210-2023) however please try the scenario as outlined below if you've got the acceleration e.g. 10.0.61637.0 (FSX-Xpack.20070926-1421) or any other version which does not suffer from the cloud draw issue. Many thanks.


It’s a simple set-up. I will provide the instructions on how to perform this test. It would be great if you could let me know of the outcome or better still provide a screen shot of the result. Many thanks!


Select EGFF (Cardiff) as the airport

Select Runway 30

Select the Aircreation trike

Load the flight

Once loaded on the runway at Cardiff you now need to load the weather as follows:

User defined


Advanced weather

Delete all the cloud layers that may be present

Then add these two new cloud layers:

Scattered 4/8 cumulus base 2000ft tops 3000ft

Overcast 8/8 stratus base 4000ft tops 10000ft


Return to the runway at Cardiff and press Y to slew.

Climb vertically using F4 to around 6000ft. If the cloud draw issue exists you should see the lower level cumulus clouds superimposed over the stratus layer in which you are in.

If you continue the vertical climb, the cumulus clouds suddenly disappear from view at around 6700ft whilst still in the stratus layer.


Please find an image of the issue at around 6000ft via the link below. You can clearly see the scattered layer of cumulus clouds in the foreground through the stratus layer!

If this issue does not occur using your acceleration version then obviously the cumulus clouds should disappear from view as soon as you enter the base of the stratus layer.

If the issue exists in your version of FSX, may be you could repeat the procedure in Prepar3D. Should the problem not plague this sim, I will purchase it.




If you could let me know of the outcome, it will be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks once again for your help,


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well... problem is... what if I did not have this kind of issue without Accel (but with SP2)?

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Do you mean you can see clouds over laying behind .. this issues seems to be part of the fsx weather engine... I use 1 layer in ASE OR Rex and i don't get this issue. anymore layers and yeah it is there it is apart of the FSX enegine...

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