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need an opinion

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Hello captains i would like to ask for some opinions about the hardware i am going to order.


Tomorrow i am going to order the new components and i would like to know how FSX runs on your system on the hardware i will type below or similiar.


Currently i am running FSX on the following hardware.


Mobo: MSI P55-GD80

Cpu: Intel core i7-860(oc to 4.0ghz Lynnfield)(Corsair A70 CPU Cooler will be equipped on the new system)

Ram: 4GB-1333mhz

Gpu: Nvidia Geforce GTX560Ti dc2(1GB memory)(this one will also be equipped on the new system)

Harddrive: WD Caviar Black 1TB(this one also)

Psu: 600watt


The things i want to order:


Mobo: MSI Z77A-GD65

Cpu: Intel Core i5-2500K

Ram: 8GB-1866mhz

Psu: 700watt


Under my current hardware thanks to the Corsair A70 CPU Cooler the temp dusn't exceed 60C on full load on prime95 however above 4.1 ghz OC the cpu becomes unstable.


You can gues that i'm very curious how high i can go with the new i5-2500K :)


Your opinion would be greatly appriciated also if you have any suggestion.

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Well, the big concern is stable power to the rails when you soup things up. 850 watts on the PSU may be a better bet to give you some headroom, as too is ensuring that it is a decent quality PSU. As with most things though, a very good quality 700 watt PSU would almost certainly do better than a poor quality one of supposedly greater power.


More performance generally means more power demands, so don't let that be the weak link, for example, my GPU actually has two power leads connected to it, and it needs them both or it won't even crank up.


Thus if you are right on the ragged edge of getting adequate power to the thing, and then you decide to add another bit or upgrade maybe the GPU or whatever, then having a bit of power to spare never goes amiss. When overclocking, you don't want to have it shutting down and then to be unsure whether the OC is unstable, or it's merely the PSU not being up to it. In my experience, going for a lower powered PSU is a false economy, and often the source of issues.



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Ok so generally speaking i need a PSU from a good brand? or just higher voltage?


I have been told however that this system could run easyly on a 600watt PSU so that's why i thought i go to 700watt(my current system still has the 600watt it has been in there since i bought the system 3 years ago and still is working fine)

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IMO 850 is overkill for that system, 600 would work fine probably so to future proof and to cover any upgrades go for a 750 perhaps. I have only ever bough antec so the tp-750 would be my recommendation. Plenty other to choose from, read reviews and go from there.

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Ok so i have ordered the new hardware today gonna have it tomorrow.


As described for the PSU i got rthe 850watt.


Next to that as mentioned a 120GB SSD drive.


I will post the results here of the new system tomorrow from it :)


Overall i am really curious how my performance will increase over my old system but then again i think we all would be :)


Thanks for the help guys.

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