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  1. It’s going to be a new sim, using the DCS World platform in some form or another.
  2. Ponk

    Rumors about NGX V3

    IGEX 737 community would welcome a 737 from PMDG for sure, would sell well, I'm guessing much better than the DC-6. Can't wait for this bird to arrive in XP11!
  3. Ponk

    ORBX Forum Login Issue

    Never thought I would be too old for a forum, 40 years old and now I find it a complicated piece of software! Annoying as heck pop ups, symbols and options everywhere, far too many stickies, threads getting joined together, deleted etc. Not even attempted the signature bit, so just leave it empty. Time to go and fly a bit with my warm slippers on!
  4. Guess 75 views and no opinions says only one thing. Will give this aircraft a miss for now.
  5. Hi all I'm considering buying the this little aircraft but I am struggling to find any feedback from the community. There are a few youtube videos and some official reviews, I am more looking for info on the flight dynamics of the aircraft. I see the odd comment about some negative feedback but I can't really find any feedback at all. Favourite light aircraft at the moment is the Comanche, it obviously won't be up to that standard, nothing really is, but it has to feel good and fly correctly. It's at a resonable price too and might be cheaper if there is a sale on at the end of the month like last year. Thanks for any info.
  6. Ponk

    Question about Framerates.

    I wouldn't say that exactly. Having 15fps with settings on MAX, especially at LA, sounds like a dream to me, and I bet if you reduce these setting to mid levels, you want double your FPS to 30, that sounds too good to be true. My advice is to fly with the settings as high as you can as long as the frames are good enough for you. Some people can fly with 15, some will want at least 20, some more. Best is to turn OFF the FPS counter and use you own judgement on when you think the games runs smooth enough for you. The only this you should watch is that you don't run into out of memory problems, as long as your simulation doesn't crash to the deskstop with a message saying your game is out of memory (from running max settings for a long time) then I wouldn't worry about that either! Overclocking the CPU will help to increase the frames for sure.
  7. Ponk

    A2A Piper Comanche 250

    ^^ What he said!
  8. Ponk

    A2A Piper Comanche 250

    I have never used FSUIPC for controls, I have a CH flight stick and Pro throttle, very low null zones, high sensitivity, the comanche controls are perfect, trims nicely and flies the glideslope precisely without porpoising or pilot induced oscillation. The only problem I have had with it so far was forgetting to remove the pitot cover, half way down the runway I aborted and went off onto the grass at the other end. First mishap in FSX for years, wont't forget again!
  9. Ponk

    A2A Piper Comanche 250

    Just bought it, first flight was superb, this will take some beating now! 30 years of flight simming and this is a peach! Flew from 65S Bonners Ferry down to Sandpoint in the Realair Legacy, install the 250 and took it back. What a difference. The sound quality is way above average, the interactive menus work really well, the flight dynamics seem spot on. I had elevator issues with previous A2A releases but in this it works perfect out the box. Takeoff was eventful, go bounced around all over the place, maybe due to ASN but the aircraft seems to be much more dynamic in the weather, which is what it should be, too many aircraft in FSX feel like they are flying on rails. Cruise was fun, had ten mins to hunt around the cockpit and learn where things are a bit better. Approach was straight forward, down to 85 mph, full flap, trim one back from neutral, again the aircraft was moving around in the air quite a bit, cut the throttle and felt for the ground, short gear meant a bit of a delay but managed a real greaser on my first landing. Only negative points (or remarks). - Aircraft creeps forward with parking brake on, tried increased park brake scaler to above 1, still to test that. - Overhead view F12 has gone, shows wing flap view now. Please A2A don't mess up the top down F12 view, hated Opus for doing it, how do I get it back? - Right had seat has a strange head tilted forward orientation and the panning is a slower rate than left seat. No big deal, Realair can have left and right seat identical so why not this one. Got the manual on google drive, now to go read it on my ipad. Congrats on a top notch aircraft!
  10. Ponk

    Douglas DC-6

    3 years tomorrow since the announcement. Would be great to hear something about its development. I would understand if there was no news as is often the case with PMDG's business practises, but the announcement suggested an aircraft that would be out very soon, would be the first of the many classic products and would not be as detailed as a NGX. Started by rsrandazzo, Feb 05 2012 02:35 AM "The PMDG Classics line of products will be an "occasionally released" line of products that come out of our love for old airplanes" "In terms of realism, it is not intended that this product be as detailed as, say, the NGX." "We are looking forward to seeing you guys get a chance to do some "old school" flying in our DC-6B very soon." "We'll have more preview images for you in the near future!" Fingers crossed.
  11. What???? You don't land an aircraft at the same vertical speed as an object dropped from 30ft, of course it would go splat! The rest of you post is not worth even replying too. Bouncing in an A320 in bad weather is very common. Defining a bounced landing is not easy, if you mean a large bounce into the air ie 10- 20 ft etc, then you are doing something very wrong, or in my experience, the turbulence suimulation (especially ASN) with all addon or default weather generators is simply terrible. A bounce like that can be recovered if you have airspeed and runway to play with, otherwise go around. For smaller bounces you can simply flare as normal and let the aircraft settle onto the runway.
  12. Will we every get an update about the DC6 between the announcement 3 years ago or will we hear nothing for 1000 days, that must be a record somehow. The only thread about it , 42 pages long, has just been locked because one person suggested the thread was getting old :blink:
  13. Ponk

    FYI Turbine Duke V2 release

    Right, EGPO metar is now 45G65 so good luck! Was a 112mph gust overnight, and I think it's a cross wind!
  14. Ponk

    FYI Turbine Duke V2 release

    +1 for the Realair forum, been mentioned before but never happens. It wouldn't be for many support issues, with the quality of the products, but other stuff can be just as fun/important/interesting to read, even for people who read more than post, like myself. The tech support from Rob by email is second to none, but maybe a forum section would give the answers to all the community and save Rob time, just a thought. Well, for me, it's off to fly some flights from my home land of Scotland, a quick look at ASN shows EGPO with 22kts which will increase over the next few days as the low pressure approaches, fun times.
  15. Ponk

    FYI Turbine Duke V2 release

    Just trolling, ignore him. On a side note, for some more exciting flying in the next couple of days, head up to the west of Scotland and put on real world weather!