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A question about thru-flights

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Hello Bryan,


Is there any way to make the FO do the abridged pre-flight flow when starting up FS2Crew on the "first" leg (i.e. to pretend it's actually the second or third leg of the day) ?


That is, since I rarely have enough time to complete more than 1 flight at a time during a particular day (a little tiresome to listen to the FO completing the 1st flight of the day items for every flight).


I have tried to cycle through the operation modes until it returns to "preflight". Is there a workaround here?


Not that this is a fault in the simulation itself, but it would be nice to load the aircraft in a powered state (NGX long / NGX short), and then sort of catch up.




Kyrre Andersen

Stavanger, Norway

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Hi Kyrre,


There's no abridged pre-flight for the 1st leg.


However, you don't need to sit there for 30 minutes.


You can can fast forward the time down.


You can also skip the pre-flight section in its entirety. Simply don't run it.



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