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Wright Airlines Bermuda Airport - Support Flights

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Though our airline's primary goal is to carry passengers and goods on a regular basis, we will always step in where virtual help is needed. As we speak, there are two hurricanes that are spinning around in the Atlantic Ocean could affect the island of Bermuda. With every passing second, Hurricane Leslie is growing in power. As a destination of our airline, it is part of our responsibility to help ferry passengers and cargo supplies for rebuilding.


Wright Airlines is offering pilots a substancial bonus for completing as many flights as possible in a few days. For your charity work, each flight back and forth between the mainland and Bermuda will award you with a $25,000 pilot bonus for each flight completed!


You can now fly to Bermuda from Charlotte/Douglas using the following aircraft:

  • A380-800
  • MD-11
  • MD-11F
  • 707-300
  • 747-400C
  • 757-200
  • 767-300

For the latest information on the Hurricanes, please use this fantastic aviation resource.





If you are interested in joining our airline to help out with these flights, please visit our site today!



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