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Installing add ons into P3D

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I asked this question over in the P3D forum but got the stereotypical "we cant answer that because we do not support 3rd party addons" blah blah blah....


Hopefully someone can tell me the answer to this...

During install of a certain addon ( we'll just use XXXX as an example)...

The auto installer brings up the main install page then directs you to where you want to install the files...

...program files x86/microsoft games/FSX and so on...

Are the installs the same into P3D? but located in the x86/lockheedmartin folder?

I guess Im asking if you just change the directory to the lockheed folder, will it install with no hang ups or do you have to have an active copy of FSX and transfer all the files into the corresponding folders...

I can see this sounding more complex than it should be and I apologize... I just dont understand the process of loading add ons into P3D



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For any addon that doesn't have a prepard3d installer, I use the following tool:




It makes your prepard3d installation to look like FSX, and ensures all the files are put in the correct places e.g. forces installation files away from appdata\roaming\microsoft\fsx and into appdata\roaming\lockheedmartin\prepar3d. etc.

Stephen Munn


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I ported a very few add-on's, manually, with P3D v 1.3 - and they worked, but I had to also import items in the gauges/fonts/effects folders to get everything working. I them purchased the above referenced tool FSX2P3D, and life was much easier. And all of my xxxxxx add-ons work fine -

Using v 1.4 and all are working fine.


Tom Higginbotham

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