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    Love to Sim - when I was younger and wanted to learn to fly, did not have the dollars to do it....mid-life, had the money, not the time....later in life, more than have the money, but a pacemaker prevents me from getting a license - SO, "me thinks" the Sim is the next best thing. I'm in the process of building a Motion Platform for Simming.

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  1. Rob, so sorry for your loss. Been there, done that, and it's a physical and emotional roller coaster. Blessings to you sir.
  2. In all probability, it's in the P3D folder, SimObjects, and aircraft's name............several folders inside of this folder. Most "all" aircraft.cfg's are located this way.
  3. Please confirm: North America, Parts 001 & 002 ONLY cover Canada "at this time". Thanks folks, Tom
  4. AviatorMoser, I d/l'd with torrent and it worked. Question for you OR any P3D v2.5 users: I have my "folder" named FreeMeshX - North America, and inside a folder named "Scenery\then the bgl files. In P3D v2.5 LM changed the file structure of many items - Add-On Scenery is no longer in the root of P3D folder. Where should I place the FreeMeshX.....folder....I do "know" how to add it into the scenery library.................and what is the suggested order to place it in the scenery library?? I do have both Orbx Global and Vector. Thanks so much AND a gigantic Thank You for the development of FreeMeshX.......I can only imagine the time involved. Tom
  5. AviatorMoser, NO - the two Folders are separate .7z. Can I just drag "002" into the "001" like you can with jzip. ??? Thanks so much. Tom
  6. Hello AviatorMoser, Thanks for your quick reply. I d/l'd 7-Zip - Opened 7 Zip File Manager - clicked to extract - cursored to the FreeMeshX - North America.7z.001 - The program started the extraction process, then a box below the status bar said: 1 Can not open file C:\Users\xx\Desktop\FreeMeshX - North America.7z.001' as archive. I've used WinZip, JZip, and others for years with no problem.... What am I doing wrong. Thank you, Tom
  7. Hi folks, Old fellow needs some help. but when I extract, the message box says it cannot be extracted.... What do I need to do to access these two folders. Thanks, Tom Thank you. Tom
  8. After my two latest builds, Z97 & an X79 (and YES, they will overclock themselves with the AI Suite) - I would recommend the Corsair H-100 / or H-105 liquid coolers......... They are working great, good price, and both of my recent pc's are oc'd to 4.8 and are fine with temps. Good Luck
  9. Hi Gregg_Seipp, I went into the TV Settings, and under "Mode" - I chose Dynamic, and then adjusted each slider until I was very happy with the results in FSX & P3D - My port shows up as HDMI-PC on the TV...as it is a dedicated port for DVI/PC's etc. I have been very happy and have used this TV for almost 3 years now. Like you do, I have done some minimal adjustment with NVidia CP - but most of my color adjustments have been with the TV settings. When I'm ready to "sim", I just click "source" on my RControl, choose Dynamic, and I'm ready to go. Tom
  10. 37" Samsung here - it has a dedicated hdmi port for pc - I edited one of the color profiles and it works superbly.
  11. Assuming FSX does NOT exist - USE the identical instructions (above) for the P3D installation. YES, make sure you have a FSX.exe (faux) in your P3D root folder. EzDoc does NOT (for me) like to cooperate properly without it in P3D. Tom
  12. IF you're going to run both platforms - Install to FSX, make sure the exe.xml has the info for EzDoc, run the configurator - MAKE sure you have the Camera definition file (201) placed in EACH aircrafts' .cfg file. Install to P3D, make sure the exe.xml has the info for EzDoc, run the configurator - MAKE sure you have the Camera definition file (201) placed in EACH aircrafts' .cfg file. AND with P3d, make sure you open notepad (don't add a thing) NAME is fsx.cfg and place it in the root folder of P3D and you're good to go.
  13. Folks, YES, only v1.17 will work with any version of P3D...... I have installed it using the EMT and it did fine - with v2.2 and Hotfix, I did "not" use EMT, but I made "SURE" that I had a faux FSX.exe in my root P3d Folder - "me" thinks that's a key point. In 99% of the cases, you have to add lines in the .xml file for EzDoc to start with P3D - IF not, then you have to manually start it with it's executable after P3d has loaded. Make sure once installed - and PRIOR to running P3D, that you use the EzDoc Configurator to register your aircraft..........and new add-on's you must add the "Camera Definition" to the individual aircrafts' config file. BTW - DO NOT expect "global world cameras" to work..........they do not in Prepar3D. Maybe this will help someone......... Tom
  14. Just reinstalled the QW146 - worked fine in v2 - I did a fresh install of 2.1, and the "146" is doing just fine. Nice aircraft.
  15. Flight 1 PC-12 works fine in P3d - I have to manually copy some font/sound/and gauges from fsx folders to corresponding P3d folders. I used the migration tool, but it still missed those on this particular aircraft. Good Luck, Tom
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