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    Love to Sim - when I was younger and wanted to learn to fly, did not have the dollars to do it....mid-life, had the money, not the time....later in life, more than have the money, but a pacemaker prevents me from getting a license - SO, "me thinks" the Sim is the next best thing. I'm in the process of building a Motion Platform for Simming.

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  1. Please confirm: North America, Parts 001 & 002 ONLY cover Canada "at this time". Thanks folks, Tom
  2. AviatorMoser, I d/l'd with torrent and it worked. Question for you OR any P3D v2.5 users: I have my "folder" named FreeMeshX - North America, and inside a folder named "Scenery\then the bgl files. In P3D v2.5 LM changed the file structure of many items - Add-On Scenery is no longer in the root of P3D folder. Where should I place the FreeMeshX.....folder....I do "know" how to add it into the scenery library.................and what is the suggested order to place it in the scenery library?? I do have both Orbx Global and Vector. Thanks so much AND a gigantic Thank You for the development of FreeMeshX.......I can only imagine the time involved. Tom
  3. AviatorMoser, NO - the two Folders are separate .7z. Can I just drag "002" into the "001" like you can with jzip. ??? Thanks so much. Tom
  4. Hello AviatorMoser, Thanks for your quick reply. I d/l'd 7-Zip - Opened 7 Zip File Manager - clicked to extract - cursored to the FreeMeshX - North America.7z.001 - The program started the extraction process, then a box below the status bar said: 1 Can not open file C:\Users\xx\Desktop\FreeMeshX - North America.7z.001' as archive. I've used WinZip, JZip, and others for years with no problem.... What am I doing wrong. Thank you, Tom
  5. Hi folks, Old fellow needs some help. but when I extract, the message box says it cannot be extracted.... What do I need to do to access these two folders. Thanks, Tom Thank you. Tom
  6. Assuming FSX does NOT exist - USE the identical instructions (above) for the P3D installation. YES, make sure you have a FSX.exe (faux) in your P3D root folder. EzDoc does NOT (for me) like to cooperate properly without it in P3D. Tom
  7. IF you're going to run both platforms - Install to FSX, make sure the exe.xml has the info for EzDoc, run the configurator - MAKE sure you have the Camera definition file (201) placed in EACH aircrafts' .cfg file. Install to P3D, make sure the exe.xml has the info for EzDoc, run the configurator - MAKE sure you have the Camera definition file (201) placed in EACH aircrafts' .cfg file. AND with P3d, make sure you open notepad (don't add a thing) NAME is fsx.cfg and place it in the root folder of P3D and you're good to go.
  8. Folks, YES, only v1.17 will work with any version of P3D...... I have installed it using the EMT and it did fine - with v2.2 and Hotfix, I did "not" use EMT, but I made "SURE" that I had a faux FSX.exe in my root P3d Folder - "me" thinks that's a key point. In 99% of the cases, you have to add lines in the .xml file for EzDoc to start with P3D - IF not, then you have to manually start it with it's executable after P3d has loaded. Make sure once installed - and PRIOR to running P3D, that you use the EzDoc Configurator to register your aircraft..........and new add-on's you must add the "Camera Definition" to the individual aircrafts' config file. BTW - DO NOT expect "global world cameras" to work..........they do not in Prepar3D. Maybe this will help someone......... Tom
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