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Strangest CTD ever and now seems solved

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OK, just thought I give this info if someone else bumps into same problem (I couldn't find any suffering from same issue by googling and searching all possible forums, though). I have bunch of addons installed to P3D, both freeware and payware, including many sceneries, aircraft, MyTrafficX, FSUIPC and REX+OD. I don't know what caused this, but I noticed this around christmas. I've been using terrific SimLauncher almost from the beginnning, so it is difficult to say what exactly caused this. The thing was, that if I launched the flight through starting P3D (default flight) or SimLauncher and decided to change aircraft in the sim I pretty much always ended up in sim hanging in to not responding state and finally crashing, not even getting to arcraft selection menu. Every time - BOOM! I started to look into what is causing it, and finally found out that either removing MyTrafficX aircraft model folder from P3D cfg OR removing FSUIPC loading, aircraft selection from the sim worked again. This really didn't make any sense as they shouldn't have any connection with each other. I also tried many different "remedies", like creating new main config, removing all the aircraft from the simobjects, except one default aircraft, using empty dll.xml and simconnect.xml, scenery.cfg, removing 3rd party traffic files etc. Also tried adding MTX aircraft few at a time to models folders (seemed to help initially, but started to suffer CTDs very quickly again), cheked folder rights, AV software, firewall. Everything. To no avail. I was puzzled.


This is no biggie in many occasions, as I can launch the sim with desired aircraft using SimLauncher or load some saved flight, BUT, I have couple of addons that require some default plane with avionics switch to be launced before and just after that, changing to certain addon for their radios to work. So, pretty annoying in the end with these few aircraft.


So today after almost giving up and deciding I enjoy what I have, I started to, once again, look into the problem and thinking I've tried everything. I was certain that problem related to some conflict in the objects folders the sim is using. So, this time I commented Animals and Submersibles off (don't ask me why, perhaps because every other option was tried before this :) ) and - VOILA! It works. I have no clue yet if it is the only submarine in the sim or the elefants in the animals folder that was causing the trouble with SOMETHING, but now it seems to work. I've created several flights with SimLauncher around the world now and after the sim has loaded I went immediately to change the aircraft and every single time I have been able to access the aircraft menu and change the plane :Party:


I still don't know what is causing the problem, but it is fixed. I don't care about the submarine or some animal somewhere (if they are even used in the sim), but it works now, perfectly. So if you are running in the similar problem, try this out. I'm now a happy man!


Edit: This is one example of doing "rule out everything one by one" -tactic. Tedious, but surprisingly effective. I hate to do this in work with some software or in the home with the sim, but hey, results come in the end :P

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I really wouldn't call that "fixed" but more of a work around since most of us can load/run with animals and the submarine with no issues. But I am glad to hear you're up and running.


simwestFOTOREAL series
Photoreal scenery you'll want to fly thru, not over


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Guest do_denver2

Where are the animals? I've never seen one....

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