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Printed Manuals for UK?

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It would be cheaper to find a printers and get them to print and bind it for you from the PDF




Use the money to invest in a tablet and read it from there.

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I hate reading on tablets lol. I like being able to flick through a book quickly to find the page that I need. For example if I remember a certain diagram I can find it a lot quicker by flicking through paper then a tablet.


Whats the gsm and size of the paper PMDG use? A4 and 100gsm?

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The paper is approximately A5 - 5.5" x 8.5" - the binders are larger


Probably 50 gsm


The costs scale extremely non-linearly with amount purchased - so buying two complete sets of manuals (for different planes I would hope) will probably ship for ~ USD250 - which is, yes, expensive, but more efficient than buying a single book from them.


Alternatively, ship it somewhere in the US and collect it when you or someone is there - or tie your order in with someone elses bigger order and have them send it onwards to you.....


Hope that helps,




P.S. You'll need to pay import duty on the manuals to FEDEX - my set of 737 and MD11 manuals had a duty of <£25

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