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  1. Lovely clear skies with a good haze. Got a good tailwind there too. Graham
  2. Ditch the weather engine, half the price and sell it as a texture package only.
  3. When you boot P3D you will see the splash form appear for UTLive as it loads in the background. No need to start UTLive yourself as mentioned above
  4. Exactly. Snake oil. That could easily be a screenshot from a FS2004 weather product and people would still be fawning over it claiming it is the best realistic looking screenshot of weather in FS ever!
  5. Same here in the UK but with names. Whenever there is a car accident it is always somebody called Debbie that ends up worse off. On the news it will report "An accident involving 2 vehicles now on the hard shoulder of the motorway and there is Debbie is on the road so take care passing". I always think poor Debbie.
  6. X-ray has X in it too. Maybe one of the team has broken bones thus holding up everyone else and all the arrivals planned for 2018 have been delayed by a year. All this puzzle solving is just to keep you entertained so that nobody notices how the year passes by quickly .
  7. After looking around the web it seems this app does not yet exist. I can't believe it is not possible to assign these commands in default P3D. May just create something myself.
  8. Anybody know which of EZCA, OPUS, ChaseCam etc has the ability to use a joystick axis for movement. eg assign up and down axis to move forward/backwards but if holding down button 1 then it will zoom in/out, hold down button 2 will look up/down etc I need a multi functional axis/button combo setup yet I don't know which one, if any, will do that. thanks
  9. With the low cost of hard drives I am surprised that so many still use one drive for simming, gaming, work, college etc. I strongly recommend having a 2nd drive with Windows purely for simming to eliminate all the background nonsense
  10. Easy resolution - Skip the FS2Crew products and fly the whole aircraft yourself. I do. Not much work in the cockpit to do anyway and once past the takeoff stage the program is redundant anyway until landing and that can be done easily alone. I bought the NGX FS2Crew but still to this day have never installed nor used it and I still have no intention of doing so. Waste of money in my view.
  11. If you know what to do then buy another HD and a copy of Win 7 and create a dual boot system. That way you have the best of both.
  12. With the introduction of OrbxDirect I assume the workload will be far less now for updates/upgrades.
  13. The posting I read is here From Mir - "Just a note that we will be discontinuing the use of Addon Manager and Couatl starting this year." http://flightbeam.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=2416
  14. I have a 50inch TV running on my gaming PC (GTX 970 and i7 3770k) at 1080P and my P3D rig (as per sig) on a Dell Ultrawide 34. In my P3D rig I also have a 2nd SSD with Windows 10 running Steam. I use this rig also for games such as Dungeon Siege, Witcher 1, Starcraft, No Man's Sky etc. Running at 3440^1440 is immersive indeed for these type of games. I prefer the P3D rig for the games mentioned above. Definately get an ultrawide if you will also use the rig for more than FS. I bought mine not long after Jim did based on his review of it.
  15. The good thing is that Flightbeam are updating their sceneries to disband with Couatl. Once this occurs then I will purchase a few. I've heard of the problems people have with the Couatl process.
  16. £699 inc VAT + free shipping for the Founders Edition direct from Nvidia. Though the website appears to be down at the moment
  17. Please continue to quote whole posts including all the photos. There is nothing I like more than seeing the same batch of screenshots 37,000 times when I scroll down the page
  18. Oh dear. Why didn't you just show her the website and ask for her opinion on that instead?
  19. Nope that is the intention. To save on data usage costs. As the speed slows and slows it eventually begins to move backwards forcing the time around the users to also move backwards. You'll notice that there will be topics relating to previous simulators becoming more prominent. Forum users will actually begin to be nice to each other again. Your grey hair will turn back to it's original color. The aim is to minimize data usage during the day as in a few weeks time we will all be out of retirement and back in school and then too busy with homework to be able to go on. At this point the forum speed will return to normal.
  20. From memory EZCA does not give you an option so you can't change the install dir even if you wanted to
  21. An easier way would be the same as EZCA v2 whereby it installs in the programfiles x86/ directory whether you want it to or not. No choice. According to the dev it has to go into that folder and so there is no option to change it.
  22. I've always preferred the ASUS Strix. I had 670 to 970 and currently 980Ti.
  23. Guitars in profile pic - JP60 and JP70 both by Musicman Sterling. John Petrucci signature models - budget versions but still expensive.

  24. If it's just a folder copy yes then go ahead. I assumed it was a whole windows install with FSX on a single drive. If it has Windows too then you need to make an image and include the boot partition unless you already have multidrive setup with boot partition on another drive. Your new drive won't boot otherwise. Far easier to do an image than recreate the boot partition manually.
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