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  1. Exactly why I didn't buy it, removed it from my Steam wish list and discouraged people from buying into the sim. Not surprised either. cu Roman
  2. Uh! This is nice stuff you're showing here. Thanks for the update. Much appreciated and looking forward to the expansion. PS: No rush, the 744 is simply amazing and should keep everyone having it busy for a while longer :D cu Roman
  3. romangeber

    Horrendous FSDT LAX ground texture

    Wait you guys see this only since v4? I've seen that in v3 all the time and just accepted it as a the way FSDT sceneries work. cu Roman
  4. romangeber

    P3DV4 or XP11?

    Thanks @Paraffin that's very interesting. I'll give it a try. cu Roman
  5. romangeber

    P3DV4 or XP11?

    Hi I use both sims and they both have their own ups and downs. I'll make this quick: P3Dv4 + Very reliable sim. I ran it for days on end just to stress test it. No CDT, no error messages, no memory leaks, etc + Great add-on market. OrbX, FlighBeam, FSDT, etc. make for a great scenery experience. Aircraft add-ons are a bit thin right now. Only PMDG is really up and running at the moment but FlightBeam, Majestic, etc will follow soon. And then there are of course Carenado, etc. So do your research on planes available that you need. + Well supported by commercial products (PFPX, etc). + Commercial high end add-ons (e.g. PMDG, OrbX) are well tested and don't cause issues - Almost no freeware - Add-ons (especially planes) are expensive. PMDG and Flightbeam for example charge hefty premiums for P3D. XP11: + Fantastic freeware scenery available. Thousands of packages are available many of which are quite stunning + Much cheaper to run than P3D. I spent more money on two generations of P3D than X-Plane since version 7. And I spent A LOT of money on the sims. + Comes with great default aircraft. The C172 and the 737-800 are very enjoyable aircraft. + Great development tools. Make your own scenery with WED, use Aircraft Maker to build or paint your own planes/liveries, etc. - Default weather is a bit simple and even expensive add-ons like XEnviro don't really fix it to the point where ActiveSky can take you - Payware planes are good but usually nowhere near the PMDG gold standard. Still some are great! - Autogen can be a bit slow. So I usually restrict it to a lower level which has an impact - XP11 has dumbed down options. In XP10 one could set a lot more details. Now it's condensed to a few sliders and one can't really make fine tuned adjustments anymore. P3D has more options here. Best Payware aircraft: IXDG (733), FlightFactor (767, 757), Aerobask (Panthera, Ecplise 550NG) Note on JAR: A330 and A320 have annoying bugs like A/P disconnect issues, etc. One can work around them however. Still not my first recommendation. Feel free to ask for specifics. My System: i7 7700K @ 4.8GHz, Nvidia 1080GTX 8GB, 32GB RAM. Both sims run one stop short of max settings. cu Roman
  6. romangeber

    Sceneries that work and don't work for me in P3Dv4

    @sfgiants13Thanks! Found it: Mind you, Simmarket doesn't seem to have these installers. Just bought the scenery there.
  7. romangeber

    Sceneries that work and don't work for me in P3Dv4

    Just installed PIS RCTP ( Works perfectly fine in v4. cu Roman
  8. romangeber

    [13JUL17] Quick update from us...

    I just want you to know, it didn't go unnoticed. PMDG sure earned a LOT of extra trust here. The speed and the manner in which you've delivered these upgrades is stunning. My expectation was that PMDG would deliver one updated plane around three month after the v4 release. You did it in a week. Now, less than a bit over a month later almost all of the upgrades are available. Huge, huge thank you PMDG. cu Roman
  9. romangeber

    P3D v4 64 bits 737NGX Beta

    Fantastic screenshots. Thanks for adopting the new platform so quickly. Very impressive. cu Roman
  10. Hi I've never used photobucket or another such service to host screenshots. But I get it, that anyone using photobucket might be pretty upset now. There's no lack of alternatives, but I decided to add yet another one for anyone who's interested. I've set up primarily for simmers. It's free and so far experimental. Feel free to try it out and let me know if it's useful. cu Roman
  11. You might want to export your controller settings (joystick,keys, etc.). I exported them in P3Dv3 and re-imported them in v4. Works like a charm and saved me at least an hour setting everything up as I had it before. Other than that, I'd suggest to back up your old configs (eg. preapred.cfg, etc.). Just in case. They may come in handy as a reference when setting up the new sim and something just doesn't work the way it should be. I have completely uninstalled P3Dv3, all add-ons etc. No 3rd party stuff like PFPX. That can stay where it is. Then v4 came in and I started fresh. No problems since then. And that's a remarkable thing to say about any flight simulator :D Good luck with your re-install. cu Roman
  12. romangeber


    Every question mark after the first one adds one week of delay :P What's wrong with the the 200LR? After all it's a very similar flight experience. cu Roman
  13. No complaints here. V4 runs smooth and stable for me. Be careful about which add-ons you add, take good care of Windows itself, don't mess with the config unless you know what you're doing and all is well. I'm really surprised at how stable v4 is. Even v3 was pretty stable if it wasn't for the OOMs. But these are history. So before going out and blaming the devs not doing their job right, make sure that there's no chance of a problem on your end. In a lot of cases I'm the one breaking things, not the folks at LM or PMDG ;) cu Roman
  14. romangeber

    Sceneries that work and don't work for me in P3Dv4

    Shame PANC doesn't work. I was thinking about getting it at the aerosoft sale. Just installed KPHL by SunSkyJet. Works like a charm: It's free/donationware for FSX. cu Roman
  15. romangeber

    Sceneries that work and don't work for me in P3Dv4

    @garydpoole I installed T2G sceneries using the standard installer form Simmarket. The only difference might be that I had them installed before in v3, uninstalled them and re-installed in v4. That way I didn't have to go through the serial activation process again. When the installer offers the sim selection just choose v3 and go ahead with that. As long as the installer installs it somewhere you'll be fine. Just move the scenery files to wherever you'd want them and add it manually in the P3D scenery library manager. cu Roman