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AES 2.30 is out

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Thank you so much for the heads up! I had been waiting for additional "people" in AES as the first time I saw the catering trucks in AES NG, my mind was blown. This is a very welcome update and I'm even more excited to see that passengers and actual baggage removal will be simulated in the coming future.

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Yes I'm enjoying the additional features too!

New vehicles, animations...



As always, Oliver pays attention to small details, I love the way the driver looks over his shoulder when reversing



All wonderful detailing ...and so, when I turn on the de-icing, it is even more appalling to see the dog's breakfast this has become.

Running an aircraft through this torrent of what looks like sizeable gravel, would strip it of all vestige of paint!

And the animation looks like waving a length of hosepipe around.




I believe the textures are a limitation of FSX, which we have inherited in FS9.

Previously they were fine.

Far as I'm concerned, FSX should just have the feature turned off, and FS9 revert to the original workable textures.

I seem to be a lone voice in the wilderness on this topic; if the FS9'ers don't speak up we'll be stuck with something we don't deserve.

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