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McConnell-based KC-135 crashes in Kyrgyzstan

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Fox News has pix up of the crash site of a USAF KC-135 tanker that went down today in Kyrgyzstan. From pix of the tail wreckage it's clear that the plane was based at McConnell AFB, in Wichita. The AVSIM FANCON is just getting started at a museum which actually sits on McConnell property.


FNC says eyewitnesses report the aircraft broke up in midair and came down in pieces. Hopefully this isn't the overheating fuel pump issue rearing its ugly head again.


The media, in their usual clueless way, is talking about the crew possibly ejecting. Last time I checked tankers don't come with ejection seats.


Sad news...

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Thanks for the info Bob.  It's strange as we were looking out of the hotel toward McConnell last night and watched 2-3 KC135's taking off around dusk.  It was quite a site watching them.  Sad to hear there were more AF crew members and pilots were killed.


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