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Sky Trail

NGX only random FPS drop !

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Hey Guys !


I need your help so bad ! I am getting FPS drop on approach or rarely on takeoff on my NGX, I did submit a PMDG ticket today. I never had this till now, i was able to get 25 to 30 fps locked at all stages. All my other addons do very good at the same settings, MD 11 , 747, j41, capsim 777,757 all of them ! its just the NGX. I have tried everything. new fsx.cfg, updated graphics drivers, kostas guide .... i have officially run out of ideas. Please help me save the NGX before T7.... plz..

my fps drops from 27 to 5 , 27 to 9 ...intermittently...


My rig is a good one, 4.8 ghz, 8 ram, gtx 560, win 7 64.



Thejus Mathew


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