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ASUS Releasing 4K Monitor

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I'll say this much about Asus. I WAS a fan for about 15+ years until my loyalty began slipping about a year's why:


For the past 15-17 years I've always purchased Asus brand motherboards for all my PC's. Never had a single issue with any of them breaking or not performing well for me. Then, about 2 years when I built my new PC (Intel 2600K system on an Asus mobo again) I decided to give Asus optical drives a try and ended up buying 2...1 dual layer dvd burner and 1 BluRay burner. I installed them into the new machine and all was fine until about a year ago I began noticing hardware issues with one of the drives and then not too long after the other drive as well started having issues. At this point in time both drives are still in my machine but both have severe issues with their door trays not opening correctly. The BluRay tray gets stuck and you have to coax it open with your finger...eventually it still opens after about 10 tries. The other drive wont open unless you press the button really hard.


Now, this past holiday season (2012) I gave Asus yet another chance to do me right because I bought my wife a new Asus laptop for xmas. While we are happy with the laptop's speed/performance we are NOT happy with the fact that it came with a design flaw...the Spacebar key doesnt register any input from the user unless you SMACK IT HARD. This makes typing a huge annoyance and for a typist it's simply unusable. Some research into has found Asus has this issue with many other of it's laptops, not just ours.


So...IMO Asus' reputation has gone down the toilet as far as I'm concerned. I will NEVER buy another ASUS product again, not even a motherboard. Apparently they believe in selling junk now....pure JUNK.

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Unfortunately this appears to be the way the world is going...

We appear to be beta testers for almost everything we buy lately.

Tools - I have always bought Bosch - but faulty jigsaw purchases have put me off.
Graphics cards that last just over the guarantee period...
Dell 30" monitors (Top of the range !) dead on arrival. :(
A previous Dell 24" monitor (Their top of the range model when purchased) built with faulty capacitors - just to save a few pence in manufacture...fails immediately after the guarantee period.

Luckily I've had no problems with Asus - yet...

But is it is our fault - we've slowly moved much manufacturing to China - where quality control appears to be non existent...look at replacement tool batteries - try buying a manufacturer's original...Google displays 'compatibles' only..

The best idea is to close your doors, don't buy anything, and live like a hermit. Nothing can possibly go wrong....nothing can possibly go wrong...

(I suppose, knowing my luck - an aircraft could drop on my roof - with or without a parachute...)


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I agree with Dave, I too was a loyal buyer of Asus products till a couple of years ago, when I had two Asus MB's fail within 3 months of each other.

In the end i said to my supplier to chuck in a Z68 UD4 B3 from Gigabyte, and a GTX580 graphics card, well Iit has been the most stable system I have had in years. Overclocks like a dream, and performance is exceptional.

No more Asus for me.

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