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Made a few quick FDE changes

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After reading through some more flight test articles written by pilots about the real plane I thought I'd try making a few changes to the aircraft cfg so that some of the 206's flight characteristics might better resemble the real one. The articles brought up a few points of reference that in a quick & dirty way I think I may have been able to get a little closer to how it was being described.


Manifold pressure out of the box seems it may be too high on final approach...for example I think to maintaine around 75kts with full flaps you'll need around 24" but in reality it should range between 12"-17"...the plane needs a power on approach all the way until touchdown but 24 is way too much so I decreased flaps drag.


I increased the flaps lift by 15% so you wont be looking straight up at the sky trying to arrest your descent in a 70kt flare. Nose up attitude should be high making it quite difficult to see the runway but when sitting in a proper pilot's perspective I think it was slightly over done. It's just slightly better now but not a huge change.


I decreased induced drag by approx. 17%. I did this because the bottom would seem to drop out way too fast in your flare as soon as speed dipped below 70kts. Meanwhile you're supposed to be able to fly a 70kt approach and even slightly less for short filed landings. Touchdown should come between 60-65kts.


Changed the reference speeds simply because they were wrong.


If anyone would like to try it, have fun :-)





[Reference Speeds]

flaps_up_stall_speed=      63  //was 55 

full_flaps_stall_speed=    54  //was 50 



induced_drag_scalar         =  1.0  //was 1.2

elevator_trim_effectiveness =  1.2  //was 1.4



lift_scalar=       1.15  //was 1                                       

drag_scalar=       0.5 //was 1

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Nice job hangar.  I thought the flight dynamics were in fact "off" when I took it for a test flight last night but I didn't have the time to do any tinkering myself.  I love Carenado's planes but I usually have to make adjustments to all of the flight characteristics.  No knock against Carenado since I usually do the same with other models, but usually with theirs I have to do a tad bit more adjusting.  Not complaining at all, just my personal likeness!! ^_^

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Hey Fellas, for those who may be interested I've made some important changes:

*UPDATE* - After more researching through tons of videos and what seemed like countless articles, pilot reports
& comments on real world aviation sites from 206 owners (as well as beaverdriver's thoughts on the matter) I have revised/updated my previous edits from above (which I am no longer using).

With the help of pilotjohn (thank you!) I was able to make some minor FDE changes which, if you install, will
give your 206 handling characteristics that will be a little more reflective (as compared to the default) of
what you will find in all these various video, articles & RL aviation posts.

As you all know While it is very difficult to get something that will mirror the real life plane in every
flight, power and flap configuration, I think this makes for a fairly good balance that takes everyone's valid
points into consideration.

It is meant for your fun & enjoyment, so if you like it then please use it! Backup your original air file and aircraft cfg file incase you do NOT like it :-)

Some of the effects you may notice with these changes are:

- A flat attitude (0 degrees) at max cruise speeds (30"@2400rpm)
- A nose down attitude in the pattern during faster flaps20 approaches over 80-95 kts.
- A flat attitude on final approach @70-75kts (lots of back pressure and nose high still needed during flare)
- A nose up attitude on short field approaches @65kts (lots of back pressure and nose high still needed during flare)
- Less manifold pressure needed on final w/ full flaps...but be aware do not go full flaps too early or you'll
end up losing speed too soon at 15"MP & will end up having to drag her in with more power @20+"MP. If you time
your approach well and hold off from going full flaps until you're about 1-1.5nm out you should be able to get
her all the way down using 15"MP @ about 70kts. You can also choose to perform a 20 flaps approach at 15"MP at about 80kts.
- Pitch Trim a little bit less sensitive, but nothing MAJOR. As i understand it this plane is not the easiest to trim in RL.

If you'd like to get the update just PM me your email address and I'll send it over to you.







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