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Alacrity Puzzle

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I've been using Alacrity for some time, in a previous life of Windows and FSX. I'm nearly finished reinstalling enough of my addons for now. I decided to configure Alacrity. I started by copying Paul's settings from the How-To, and then added all the obvious ones of my own.


I set Stop then Restart to 10 programs, and ditto to 35 Services. I'd post a couple of pictures if I knew how.


The result this time is that Alacrity takes 2mins 15secs to process, and FSX then takes 5 mins 30secs. This is far longer than I was used to before.


While I've been installing addons and checking FSX, I've started FSX direct.


I've got Corsair Dataplex, and without Alacrity FSX takes 55 secs to load a flight, ready to fly.


I'd like to get the benefits of Alacrity, without this long wait!




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The fact that it takes only 55 seconds to load a flight when Alacrity is NOT enabled indicates to me that something is wrong with your Alacrity program.  Without Alacrity, it is starting up in 55 seconds even after making Paul's suggested config changes and you making your 10 changes to the config.  Enabling DX10 Preview will not adversely affect the operation of Alacrity. 


Best regards,


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Check the "Log" tab in the Alacrity Profile which you're using, Jim, then check the shutdown times of each process as it is shut down. There are a number of programs that won't like being shutdown, so they take a while of "Attempting to close xxx" - and the time between this "process shutdown start point" and the start of the next "process shutdown start point" will be recorded in the log. If it's a few seconds - this would be normal. If it's twenty seconds or more - then just remove it from the list - make it a "Nothing".


All the Best,

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