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I was editing VABB but i noticed that the Objects and Buildings Vanished.......... even though the Complexity was Extremely Dense..... it was a 3rd party AFCAD i was editing... I see that all the stock afcads have Buildings and etc.. but     3rd party ones dont show them?? Why??


Thanks for the Help

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What kind of afd type file was it?


Check your View settings in the ADE menu to see if they are correct.

afd files may may may not have buildings and other scenery objects plus scenery excludes. They do contain in most cases airport operational features such as runways, taxiways, etc. but not necessarily terminals, jetways, etc.


In ADE when you create an airport you can choose to have scenery objects (buildings, etc.) compile in the ADE created .bgl or have them created in separate bgls to go in that airports scenery folder. If those objects are not in the afd file they will not show in ADE. It does not look at all files in the scenery folder.


If the afcad type file you have has exclude rectangular areas, then within those any building objects from stock airports will not be passed through to the FS view, nor will any scenery objects in the add-on folder within those areas running at a lower file priority.


By default, ADE does not create any exclude rectangles.


Perhaps you can provide a link to the afcad file (or complete scenery) in question so it can be downloaded and examined.


So it boils down to how the scenery was created and organized by the designer.

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