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RC flight plan different from plan loaded in simulator

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I have been experiencing times when the controller suddenly says that I am off course when I am sitting on the red line on the simulator. I have traced this to the plan in RC being different from the one that was built with FSBUILD and loaded into the simulator. I have also noted that sometimes there is no rc4 file generated and am wondering exactly when the rc4 file is created.

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I assume you are using RC 4.3 build 3845.


If you are loading the same plan into RC and FS they should match. It is important that fsuipc be current. Get the full install and interim updates from here:


and also I would update makerwys from:


and after installation run from within RC the scenery rebuild.


I use fsbuild 2.4 and frequently the PMDG B737NG series in FS9 and have not had any problems following the flight plan. I have a recent AIRAC installed in both to sync them.


What red line are you referring to and what simulator are you using. If you are using long legs greater than 300nm each, there could be a difference in the path RC computes and what FS might show on its map. This has to do with differences between FS9's flat world navigation and FSX's spherical world rendering. Try increasing in options the heading variance a little bit say adding 10 degrees. Do not put in a much larger number as RC will behave in strange ways.


Check in the status area of the RC window to make sure your waypoint list and headings agree with your navigation instruments. Make sure that you have acknowledged all ATC commands before you cross a waypoint or RC will not credit you for that waypoint. You can go to the extended menu in RC (9) by default select direct-to and select your next waypoint to skip one or more.


If RC is giving you vectors and states resume own navigation remember that is from your current position to the next waypoint. Do not return to the original path.


You have not described what phase of flight you are seeing this. If you are flying a SID or STAR and using navigation equipment that has its own database of those there are special considerations to sync them up.


Here is hint sheet on using FSBuild that I composed:




Test RC and FS with just those running with a default aircraft to preclude model navigation differences.


If all else fails, start debug mode before loading your plan and try a flight where you know you have this problem. See the pinned topic on submitting a log to jd for analysis.


Also check the rcv43 manual regarding crossing restrictions and the NOTAM and IAP options available to gain flexibility for departure and arrival phases. note that NOTAMS does not make the crossing restriction flexible and you still must cross waypoints to get waypoint credit.


Let us know how you make out.









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two things. first, rc doesn't care about the lines the fms is diaplaying, or what some other piece of gear is saying is what/where you should be.


if rc tells you to fly heading 120, fly heading 120. doesn't matter that the plan says that it should really be 110.


second, when rc tells you to resume own navigation, proceed direct when able, fly directly to your next check point. don't crank the plan 50 degrees to join the little magenta line. that isn't what you were told.


those will both get you yelled at.


also, if you have a departure procedure loaded, but you didn't fly it correctly, you're going to get yelled at.


also, if you have 2000 miles between checkpoints, the headings are going to be different


rc only knows about what is in the .pln you loaded into rc. that is where the lat/long's are. that's what counts.



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I have done some more testing and taken into account the various other postings and concluded that the problem is occuring because I did not get credit for one waypoint so RC is trying to send me back to it. I find that when I am told to use own navigation I am considerably off the magenta line on the GPS so I have been trying to turn toward the line, which seems to upset the controller. As pointed out in the responses I should be using the direct to option at that point, which has been solving the problem. I am not sure why I am so far off course wnen I have been setting my heading according to what the controller says. However, thanks much for the help.

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First, when you get a resume . . ., be sure you have updated the GPS to go direct to the same waypoint as listed in RC from your present position. I do not use the FS default GPSs. The track to the next waypoint on the GPS I use reads within a degree or two of the heading prescribed by RC. Same with the PMDG FMC LEGS page.


In the GPS I use, all coordinates for waypoints are pulled from the FS plan I load into it, the same into RC. If an FMC I export the planner data to both the FS format and the FMC format.


Procedures in the FS default GPSs are taken I believe from a Jeppeson database delivered with FS.


If you are getting vectors when you get a resume own nav, it does not mean the last ATC heading will take you to the next waypoint  but just in a loose direction. It is up to you to change the course as necessary to cross that checkpoint.

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