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PMDG 777-200LR EZdok Profile & FSX Camera Position Issue - Works within Australia

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Here is the Ezdok profile that I am currently using for flying the PMDG 777-200LR. The video should give people an idea of what is actually happening to the camera and what affects it. You can all use this example to create EZdok profiles to suit your needs and regions that you all fly in.


My profile is made for Australia as im currently flying there only. I’ve used the zoom setting of 0.70 in every camera, that’s the lowest figure I would ever use before the FOV becomes too distorted and unrealistic for my liking. Also, all the camera shaking effects are disabled. You can enable and set them up to your preference if you want.


The video basically goes through each major airport around the continent of Australia. I basically demonstrate the movement of the camera from both the Captain & First Officer's perspectives both looking forward and backward. My goal was to have cameras positioned so that:


1. No matter where I was in Australia or what heading I was facing, the entire Captain & First Officer's main displays would be visible.

2. The cameras would go through the seats or any other part of the cockpit. (All other VC cameras are towards the end of the video)

3. All cameras should maintain the same zoom setting of at-least 0.70.

4. All of the above is to be achieved while flying anywhere in Australia.


I am not sure how this profile will work in other parts of the world or during trans-continental flights, so feel free to try my profile & your luck.


So far these are the things that affect the camera:


1. Position in reference to the Equator and Poles. Movement is less drastic at poles and exaggerated near the equator.

2. Location on the Earth, both Longitude & Latitude.

3. Heading of the aircraft.

4. Distance of the cockpit & camera of the aircraft from the center of the aircraft. Longer aircraft have more camera movement. (We r ****ed when we get the 777-300ER.)


Another piece of advice is to disable the momentum effect in your FSX. This will stop the camera shifting due to acceleration, de-acceleration and aircrafts momentum in various directions. This is done under the [DynamicHeadMovement] section of your FSX CFG file by changing the values to essentially zero.














Hope people can find my EZdok profile, video and explanation of some use to manage this FSX bug.


I would love to see if a developer could remove this annoying issue either through the camera programs they develop, or even FSX itself. Would be a must have add-on and if someone does achieve this well im sure they will rake in the cash. So if you have brains & talent, there’s some incentive! $$$


Please note that I have included both an EZdok camera set & also the Individual EZdok camera files. When importing/loading the camera set, make sure only the Virtual Cockpit Cameras is selected on the import/load section to avoid any errors or crashes of the EZdok program.






EZdok Profile:






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Thanks for this I will try when I get home. I am in Toronto so I can compare.


Also the shifting camera position has been driving me nuts. I thought I was imagining things were moving !!!


I never saw this in the 737NGX



Richard Carter


My Rig: i5 9600K @ 5.0 Ghz Air Cooled (Noctua NH-D15S) | Asus Prime Z390 - A | 16 GB DDR4 3000 | ZOTAC GTX 1080 TI AMP Edition | 2 X 250GB SSD | 1 X 4TB WD Black | 1 X1 TB Conventional, LG 42" LED TV


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Setting with 0.70 feels like i'm touching with my nose in the pfd. If i select the zoom out in the EZDOK it shows the seat, and won't let me see the instruments. So i have to live with this fsx bug

Jason Cardeira




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The NGX does have the same effect but because the lengthen of the aircraft fuselage or the distance of the cockpit from the center of the aircraft is shorter so the effect is much smaller.



There is some documentation in the 777 introduction manual about realistic zoom settings. The value is above 0.90 and closer to 1.00 to be realistic. Having lower zoom values distorts the field of view or FOV (fish eye effect) and causes huge distortions of the sensation of speed and distance. Something that is generally to be avoided in simulations if realism is what its all about.


This is most obvious in driving or racing simulations where distance, speeds, angles all need to be accurate to convey driving from simulations to the real world. My driving styles, turn in points, racing lines, the way a managed the weight distribution of the car all took a big hit/change while switching from slightly distorted to more accurate FOVs. We can somewhat get away with this in flight simulation especially with highly automated and advanced airline simulations because of the ways in which we interact with the autopilot for approaches/ glide-slopes/flight-paths and the fact that we have advanced instruments to rely on and not just whats outside the window. 



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