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  1. I post the problem to the person who has made the livery. He simple has ignored it. Then i found it on a closed group, i've posted a few pics there about my problem, and some people there reacted so bad, that the only thing i could do, was only to leave the group. And the most interesting thing, was the first one to react to my post WAS NOT the developer, but another member (admin i guess) only 4 or 5 days after i post that on the group. So if the brazilian guys are all like those 2 or three.. "congrats" to them. It's the first time in flight simulation i've found this kind of people (rude, ignoring the problems,and threatening the users). So this wasn't simple, as you can see. I will continue to look around if someone can do it Thanks anyway
  2. All that i found, had mistakes on the "R" on the winglets (one of th R's it's inverted). The night lighting doesn't work well (only illuminates the left side of the fuselage). I Thought PMDG would do all the airlines that own 747's at the moment
  3. Looking for an official ROSSYIA livery from PMDG. The ones found on avsim library are full of mistakes
  4. I have this problem too (in FSX, Windows7 with 747 and the 737), The sim crashes on exit. This was always a problem with the 747, and lately with the NGX, when recently updated
  5. Completely agree with you. You are the captain, you have the airplane, and you need a co-pilot. FS2CREW, makes you feel the flight simulation at a higher level. Also, besides the standard boeing procedures, you have real airline sop's available with FS2CREW. This is one of the top5 addons for flight simulation. For anyone possibly interested, more info is available here -> www.fs2crew.com , and in the support forum, here -> https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/212-fs2crew-support-forum/ Cheers,
  6. Confirmed. No issues before last update
  7. I have this issue too. Noticed on -400PW (at least). EPR goes to red after takeoff on one (or two) engines, and stay always in red, even with lower values
  8. I haven't any corruption files on FSX, otherwise this would happen with any other aircraft, or any other scenery. This only happens when make a flight from the beginning to the end. If i start FSX in a gate with the 747 and shutdown immediatly after, the crash doesn't occur Maybe something related with FMC or something ?
  9. Strange that i only have this crash on exit with the 747. No problems with the 737 and the 777. I've tried different video drivers, clean fsx cfg's, and nothing had solve it. This is not a major issue (the flight is done), and this crash doesn't happen if i load FSX with the 747 and shut it down after that 20 seconds.
  10. The crash remains will the 747 fully updated (only on exit). I don't see this as a big problem, as the flight at that moment is done, and i can confirm it's not VAS related
  11. Finally! A rossiya one! i found one on avsim with many mistakes, and also with problems with night texturing! Hope for a good one! Thanks
  12. I have exactly the same problem. After trying different video drivers and clean fsx.cfg's, the problem is always there. kernel32.dll on exit (only with the 747)
  13. it's on avsim: looking very good! https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=198441
  14. In case of using the European fuel policy, what you will add to the fmc reserve fuel value is -> Final reserve + alternate + holding fuel + extra fuel
  15. You don't need that. You have a very simple way to calculate the necessary fuel to the trip. Enter the number of passengers you want, and cargo (if you want to), after that, enter your ZFW value in the PFPX ZFW field. (don't need anymore than this). It's accurate and simple
  16. Yes, just like me, possibly the sum you are doing for the reserves is wrong. You can check the values in the PFPX and enter the final value, i never had an issue regarding this (only before enter wind data, when there are strong tailwinds (fmc doesn't take that on the account if you don't enter the leg wind data))
  17. What software do you use for fuel planning Maarten ?
  18. What about the Lufhtansa livery ? i saw a video and in their 747, there's the GW on the eicas, and in the livery there's not. The video was recorded about one year ago. What's the correct option ?
  19. Not all will share the same opinion. As a FSX user, and wasting many hours tweaking my system and configs, with a medium end system (an I7 not overclocked, running stock at 3.4), i can achieve 30 fps in every PMDG aircraft in the VC, the last time i had an OOM was because a bad scenery development that was solved with a patch (last year or so), with a simulator free of crashes, and free of stutters, too easy to achieve a 12-14h flight without an OOM or crash. I'm very happy with this, because i waste too many time looking for the best tweaks for my system. So if the FSX simmers have problems with oom's, crashes or stutters, that's because they don't spend too much time to know how to avoid that. Yes, too much workload, that only a few has done it So please, don't tell that FSX/P3D is this or it's that if you don't know how to deal with it, if you don't know how to tweak it, and if you don't know how to achieve 30 stable fps in VC PMDG cockpit without stutters with a medium end system Thank you
  20. Just like me, Always the kernel32.dll crash ONLY on exit. During flights, zero problems in FSX
  21. Default? You mean pmdg painted liveries? If yes,sorry. i Misunderstood with the addon liveries (available through the OC)
  22. That's the manual mode. I would suggest doing that in the operations center, open the PMDG 747 V3,go to livery manager, and select the livery (or liveries) you want to remove. easier and better
  23. Hope that someone can reproduce this, to see if the problem is in fact there. The issue was with the Cargolux 747F
  24. PFPX gives sometimes very weird altitudes to follow and that doesn't mean you have to follow it (sometimes they are wrong). And make sure you use the appropriate 747 profile. The max ceiling for the 747 is FL410. If the PFPX gave you FL423, something is wrong. Same applies to the payload. Pfpx uses specific passenger weight that only with luck will be the same as used in PMDG or another aircraft developer. The correct thing to do about this is: enter your ZFW in the ZFW field in PFPX and the fields needed and you're good to go
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