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FSINN Failures

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I didn't know which forum was appropriate since this is a CTD and a Multiplayer VATSIM issue.    I will let the Moderators decide.


Here's the problem.   I am now ready to fly on VatSIM.    So I installed FSINN and FSCOPILOT per the instructions on how to get up and running successfully on a Windows 7 system.   There are two problems now.


1)  If I try to load any flightplan, and it asks if I want the plane to be moved to the new location... if I click YES I get an instant Fatal Error CTD.     I uninstalled FSINN and FSCOPILOT immediately to see if that had caused this new CTD behavior.  Yep.  It did.   When I uninstalled FSINN I could load flightplans normally and move the aircraft to the airport and gate it needs to be at without CTD.    Reinstall.   CTDs return.


2)  I cannot START the simulation inside a PMDG 737 aircraft.   Or rather, I can not start FSINN while inside a PMDG 737 aircraft.    FSX stops responding and I have to kill it through the Task Manager.   If I load in any default FSX aircraft FSINN works fine.    Now I believe there is a posted issue about starting in the PMDG with FSINN and how you aren't suppose to and that you should start the sim with a default craft and THEN reload with the PMDG?   I think it has something to do with FSINN trying to index all the AI aircraft available.


The crashing while loading flightplans though is a killer for me.    You can just move the airport to the airport without loading a flight plan with no problems.  But you try to load up a flight plan you created using any external program and it bombs out.   It wouldn't be a big deal if I wanted to fly VatSIM exclusively I suppose.    But I like to fly in a really busy world with ATC running and VatSIM cannot always provide that so I will want to fly offline.. but now can't.


Any clues?    This is like my 3rd attempt to get up and running on VatSIM.   Going to hang up the towel if I can't fly with flightplans and PMDG loaded.

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