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Programming B737 with Linda

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Hi guys.
I have built myself a B737 TQ which i use to Fly Boeing.
Before i found Linda, I programmed via FSUIPC and FSX only.

I did not know about Linda at all....


I hve a question here...or really a lot of questions.

From my TQ I use Leo Bodnars BU0836X card connected to my PC via USB.


When i activate buttons on my TQ now, I get the problem that the very same button is activated by two or more buttons.

What can I do to make Linda see the difference via the card?


example: A/T disengage and Reverse increase is same,

also A/T disengage and  NGX AP TOGA

NGX eng1 and 2 is same, even if they are not on the card.

This is confusing.


Any suggestions ?

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this sounds to me more like a hardware issue.


I have myself a Bodnar card without issues.

It is simple with LINDA: LINDA sees what FSUIPC sees. So if everything is ok in FSUIPC then LINDA is also ok.


I never encountered such problems.

Are you sure, you used the correct pins etc on the Bodnar card?

Cooliehat function has a bit different working then normal buttons, but the pins look the same...

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Hi, I will recheck the pins, I do believe it is set up correct, but I might be wrong :)
The system with connecting the card is staright forward, and Iv'e been working with electronic for some time, so I am not a novise.


What gives me more work with thinking is the programming and learning how the guys ar doing it.

I have programmed in other kind of programs, like making home pages a few years ago, so I hope I can find the key to this one.

But, since each button is connected on each connector on the card, it should not mix it up.

I hate to start over again, since I already have spent hours with FSUIPC to make some of the TQ work.


Here is the throttle I bult with my bare hands.....and some tools of course :D



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Have you checked that there are no automatic assignments in the FS Controls interface, FS always assigns a default set of controls to any device that appears to Windows as a joystick. You sound like you possibly have dual assignments, i.e. those you have created and those assigned automatically by FSX. Or maybe you have some in FSUIPC itself which you forgot to unassign when you started using LINDA.


P.S. Nice home built Quad :good:

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Ah yes, doubla ssigning through automatic FSX assignments is a point, yes. Good one, Andy.


And yes, impressive Quad :)

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