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Thank you!

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To the FlightSim Community -


I don't make posts very often, however I feel compelled to post this at this time.   I would just like to say Thank you to the entire flight sim community for all of your helpful posts to questions, problems, solutions, suggestions, etc.  As I said, I don't post very often, however I read A LOT on various topics / issues and watch for helpful replies that enable me to make improvements to my flight sim experience, system and setup.


I hope everyone appreciates the community as much as I do as I really consider it a "family".  I've used the flight simulator since the early days of subLogic back in the early '80's, to flying for SunAir Express VA waaay back, to reading posts and such on the CompuServe bulletin boards, to using the sim to teach myself all of the instruments, navigation, and flight dynamics to earn my Private Pilot's Licence in the early '90's.


Recently with advancement of DX10 fixes, tweaks and so-on I have spent countless hours combing over this forum for tweaks and suggestions to get  my sim humming along.  Through these I have gone forward and back in gaining increased performance in the sim and have finally hit the "sweet" spot for my particular system and setup.  I'm getting around 20-30 fps in the PMDG 737NGX at good payware airports and 50% AI Traffic for the first time ever.  


Never have I had this good of performance in FS.   I'm usually quite comfortable if I could ever maintain 10-12 fps.  Sometimes a particular suggestion posted in the forum helps, sometimes it doesn't but everyone's systems are different and what works for one person may not work for another.  (for those that get frustrated sometimes, keep that in mind).


So on this Thanksgiving weekend, I'd just like to say that I really appreciate and am thankful to everyone on the boards and in this community of aviation enthusiasts that contributes their suggestions and helpful tips to this great hobby that is flight simulation in the perpetual pursuit of making it "As Real as it Gets!"


Best Regards,


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And... the good news is that the DX10 mode, specially throught the Fixer which is "click and voilá", is giving better performance and stability than P3d v2, at least in my machine!

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That's a very nice post, Eric: thank you. Since Steve began his DX10 repair and development project just over a year ago, we have seen many posts echoing these/your very thoughtful and kind sentiments. It makes life that much better!  :wink:


All the Best, and much success with "the new sim"!



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