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Christmas definitely arrived earlier!

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What a end of the year for the simmers ... That's the truth!!!! Christmas arrived earlier to our credit cards and simmer lives! 


- X-Plane10 getting SUPERB! and most of i thanks to freeware initiatives like that HD v2 Mesh by Andras Fabian ( Alpilotx ). Sky MAXX Pro brings X-plane 10 closer to the skies we have in FSX and P3D with their best weather configuration programs. Proper weather injection still lacks in X-Plane, but will certainly come with time...

There are already very good aircraft addons for X-plane 10, an upcoming Superb iXEG 737, and PMDG announcing their commitment to the "X-Plane cause" :-)



- P3Dv2 released and with promising future! I'm an X-Planer ( I know, I've been diagnosed jcomm-itis, that killer disease that affects my brain so well described at the X-plane forums...), but I can see the promising future in P3Dv2, and I actually tried and liked it (graphically). The potential IMO comes from the new use of modern graphic cards, specially the tessellation options, and from the hooks LM created in this platform, allowing 3pds to design their sophisticated flight dynamics and systems modelling, and even complex training scenarios, and easily link them to the sim! This looks GREAT! Don't you think so?


- FSX can still be used at nowadays standards thanks to Steve and his DX10 Fixer. I got it, and my FSX, used for running all of those aircraft that I would not be able to run in P3Dv2, and those that aren't still available for X-Plane. I'm LOVING IT and Steve is worth a big THANK YOU!!!!, the same going to john and other who support so well all of us who move to FS11...


- IL2 Sturmovik BOS early beta released! I had DCS World for a while, and still consider it's flight models the best ever developed for a PC sim, but it tell's me nothing. I used it for aerobatics in the p51d, and flying the three helos. I don't like air combat, but a friend offered me IL2 BOS, so I will certainly try it, and from what he told me, it's going to be a great sim, at least flight dynamics wise!!!


- FG3.0 announced, and with new remarkable features!!! See here: Go see it!!! Here: http://www.flightgear.org/info/a-preview-of-features-for-flightgear-3-0/

This platform, a FREE platform, is getting better from version two version, almost every 6 months, and converging towards what we have of best in the payware alternatives...


- My friend Tercio opened his general simulation reviews and news site: http://www.simreviewshouse.com/wp/

It's still at an early phase, but already very promising!!! Congratulations Tercio!!!


Now, I just miss ELITE announcing v9, probably with a possibility to merge their unique aircraft models with P3D visuals, and Aerowinx releasing PSX ( Hardy did it again - the best Boeing 747-400 simulation ever made available for a PC ( multiple OS support and even visual hooks for X-plane and FSX, and probably P3D as well...)


Guys!!! Aren't you all feeling contaminated with that terrible "jcomm-itis" ???

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Yep, my FS 9.5 is running and looking just fine and I haven't had to spend a cent in years for it. 

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Now, now... then you have missed out on excellent sceneries like FT Dubai and Montreal, to mention just two.

And all the stuff you didn't get to, first time round, because there's just SO much!

My credit card is running hot at the moment with all the pre-Christmas sales!

Who could resist banners like 40% OFF ZINERTEK or 50% OFF DRZEWIECKI DESIGN for FS9.5 stuff!   

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