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CTD After Moving to specific Point

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 I am receiving an error when moving my aircraft from one point on the map to another using the map.  The audio gets real quiet and affect other programs like Team Speak.  I am CTD when using an ACMI program that automatically moves my aircraft to last known position.  I know the first thing you may think is its the ACMI.  This is being looked at in another forum.  So please don't rule out any other possibilities because I am still seeing an issue when it is not running.


  This only happens in one specific area in the world and its just outside of New Zealand around Auckland AFB.  It doesn't matter what AC I am using but I can count on CTD once I cross KENNE.  I reparied both FSX and acceleration and verified all my scenery files are correct.


 I run Windows 7 64 bit

Intel® Core™ i7 3770K 3.5GHz

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 670 (2GB)


Thanks for any assistance


Drew R.

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The faulting module was the ntdll.dll. Here is an excerpt from the AVSIM CTD Guide (see pinned topic):

NTDLL.dll – Several possibilities as follows:
Heap metadata can become corrupted and it has been identified by Microsoft as one of the most common causes of application failures. When an application crash shows the faulting module as ntdll.dll along with the Memory Access Violation (0xc0000005), then Windows places the application on a watch list and, if the application crashes at least four times or more in an hour, the fault tolerant heap service will configure the application to use the fault tolerant heap service in the future (Source - Chapter 10, Memory Management, Windows Internals, Part 2: Covering Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 by Mark E. Russinovich, David A Solomon, and Alex Ionescu). The service is part of the Security Center service so you need to make sure this service is turned on.


You might get an NTDLL.dll shown as the faulting module if you have MyTrafficX 5.4c installed. It is believed to be caused by an AI scheduling programming error. A fix was being worked on.  (EDIT:  A fix has been released).


An NTDLL.dll crash can also occur if your system overheats or you have wrong voltages set for your installed RAM or CPU but this is less likely as you will most likely get a BSOD instead of a CTD.


Removing the UIAutomationcore.dll from the main FSX folder will also fix NTDLL.dll CTD’s for many.


Check your dll.xml for duplicate entries or any corruption. Some have fixed the NTDLL.dll CTD by removing duplicate entries and/or old software entries where the software is no longer on your system.


Best regards,

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 Thank you very much sir.  I will use this information and look into the rest of the area dealing with this and hopefully get to a resolution!

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