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Erratic Behavior With USB Controllers

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Hello All!  Just installed Prepar3d v2 last week, and I have to say that I am VERY impressed so far.  I was trying to figure out what gives me that different "feel" or look from FSX, and for me, it's the way the autogen gets rendered further out to the horizon, with no sudden "pop-ups" just in the vicinity of the aircraft.  For me, that really makes a world of difference.  Excellent!


Now, for my actual question!  Every time I go to one of the menus to select a new aircraft, airport, season, time, etc., my aircraft controls are "out of whack" when I get put back in the sim.  For example, upon flying again from a menu selection, my rudder will be deflected, throttles will be decreased (or maybe the mixture and prop controls will be changed, too), or even the yoke may be deflected.  I can fix all of this by simply moving the controls (pushing one of the rudder pedals or moving the throttle levers), but it's getting quite tiresome to have to do this every time.  Is anyone else experiencing this, and if so, is there anything I can do to fix it?  I am using the CH Yoke and CH Throttle Quadrant with the Saitek rudder pedals.  Thanks!!



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My buddy who has P3D v1.4 has had nothing but trouble with his stick. He added FSUIPC4 and tweaked his stick there but

has still had some problems. I see the "start with max throttle" is an acknowledged bug by LM so hopefully it will be fixed in V2.1.



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I can't say I've experienced this. I'm using a CH Eclipse Yoke, CH Throttle Quadrant and CH Pro Pedals assigned through FSUIPC (maybe FSUIPC is the difference?).


Maybe try pausing the sim before entering a menu, then when you are out of the menu give an axis a jiggle, then unpause it.


I think the axis deflection is a bug that's listed in their fixes for 2.1, though I could be mistaken.

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