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How do I install the FDSFX panel in the PMDG 747X?

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Happy New Year!


Does anybody know how to install the FDSFX Panel into the PMDG 747X (PMDG 747-400 for FSX)?


I was able to install it to all planes, even to the tricky Wilco/Feelthere Airbus Vol. 1 and 2, but not into the PMDG 747X.


Using the Standard procedure creates hang-ups and failure Messages about the PMDG Options.dll.


Any ideas? Answers are highly appreciated.




Best regards,



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Im trying to install the FDSFX panel to the PMDG 747x aswell but no go.  It worked for the pmdg b737.  I also installed in in the Quality Wings b757 but it doesn't show up in the high definition models just the standard ones so Im trying to figure that out too.

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Well, I got curious after reading this post this Saturday morning and was wondering myself if my little panel would work in the 747 and see if it would work in P3D after so many years.  So I made a cuppa joe and messed around for a while.  Guess what...  it does work! 


Here's how -


The standard instructions do not completely work so takes a little work-around.  Using the instructions that come with FDSFX make these changes:


1. My PMDG (boxed edition), came with the passenger version and I guess the freighter as well.  So there are actually four panel.cfg files you need to work with, two for the passenger and two for the freighter.  Two .cfg for each 2D panel and two for the vc panels.  So what I did is make the following changes to all FOUR panel.cfg's.


***FIRST*** make a copy of all four panel.cfg files just in case you screw up or it doesn’t work for your set up!  Takes a few seconds to make a copy. DO IT!


2. The original instructions call for placing the FDSFX panel information at the next available [WindowXX] in the panel.cfg file.  That would be window 20 looking at their [Window Titles] header information.  So I scrolled down to [Window 20] and to my surprise it was taken by a ‘DEBUGGER’  info and gauge.  So it must be used for some internal testing or something.  So I tried using [Window21] but that did not work.


3.  So for now just to see if I could get it working, I replaced PMDG’s [WINDOW17]  which is for ‘misc” with FDSFX info and gauge info.  I just commented out all the lines (using “//”) of the original [Window17].  That way if it didn’t work I could easily revert back.


4. I saw this ‘zorder=90’ so I added that line to my info under [Window17]


5. I also saw they had a file_1024=747400_MISCPanel.bmp in there which FDSFX does not so I added the line:



6. Don’t forget to place a copy of the FDSFX.bmp in each of the four 747 panel folders


7.  So at the end, my information in each panel.cfg looked like this:











gauge00=FDSFX_01_gate!switch,  49,89,30,51

gauge01=FDSFX_02_airport!switch,  111,89,30,51

gauge02=FDSFX_03_muzak1!switch,  174,89,30,51

gauge03=FDSFX_04_muzak2!switch,  235,89,30,51

gauge04=FDSFX_05_muzak3!switch,  295,89,30,51

gauge05=FDSFX_06_turbulence on!switch,  357,89,30,51

gauge06=FDSFX_07_turbulence off!switch,  419,89,30,51

gauge07=FDSFX_08_gate departure!switch,  49,190,30,51

gauge08=FDSFX_09_pushback!switch,  111,190,30,51

gauge09=FDSFX_10_safety message!switch,  174,190,30,51

gauge10=FDSFX_11_safety video!switch,  235,190,30,51

gauge11=FDSFX_12_takeoff!switch,  295,190,30,51

gauge12=FDSFX_13_climb!switch,  357,190,30,51

gauge13=FDSFX_14_cruise!switch,  419,190,30,51

gauge14=FDSFX_15_meal service!switch,  49, 298 ,30,51

gauge15=FDSFX_16_movie!switch,  111,298,30,51

gauge16=FDSFX_17_begin descent!switch,  174,298,30,51

gauge17=FDSFX_18_on approach!switch,  235,298,30,51

gauge18=FDSFX_19_on final!switch,  295,298,30,51

gauge19=FDSFX_20_taxi to gate!switch,  357,298,30,51

gauge20=FDSFX_21_gate arrival!switch,  419,298,30,51



8. In the panel.cfg [Window Titles] is looks like this down around [Window17] so you can see where I made the edit:

Window16=Panel Switcher                            // zorder 100

//Window17=MISC Panel                              // zorder 90

Window17=FlightDeck SFX Panel

Window18=OUTBD FO CRT Popup


9.  Per the original instructions I copied all the FDSFX gauges and .dat files into the main P3D gauges folder (yours would be the main FSX gauges folder).


I fired that puppy back up and low and behold the FDSFX panel was there in all its little glory, ha!  Not bad after 13 years a panel designed for FS2004 is working in P3Dv2.2.


I will probably go back and now move everything into its own last window instead of taking the place of “Misc”.  Gawd only knows what that “Misc.” does.  Probably find out midflight!  This may also help in installing into other 3rd party payware aircraft.


So give ‘er a go and good luck.



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Wow! that is amazing you got it to work. Im going to try that method out today thanks for the post.

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Great findings! Thanks a Million! Let us know if you find out how to make it work without blocking the Misc Panel, which is used on Approach and on the ground! Good Job!


Best Fritz

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thanks for the great tutorial here on how to get this working. I'm just about to install this in my PMDG 747 as well and was wondering if anyone can report news about this:


- What is the effect of disabling this misc Panel, what is the actual purpose of this one? Is it safe to just disable it?

- Any other workarounds known meanwhile to get FDSFX installed on without having to disable another one?


All the best


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