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Lionheart Kodiak sound fix in P3D2

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As I read in the above list, the Lionheart Kodiak is compatible with P3Dv2, but you need to use the sound from the FSX C208B.  I installed the Kodiak into P3Dv2 both with and without the EMT and both worked fine except for no sound.


Here is what I did to install sound into the P3Dv2 Kodiak.


Note:  Everything was done from the SimObjects-Airplanes folder for each respective plane.


1. I deleted the P3Dv2 Kodiak sound and soundBackup folders.

2. I copied the folders for sound and soundBackup from the FSX Kodiak version and pasted them into the P3Dv2 Kodiak folder.

3. I made a new folder in P3Dv2 Simobjects-Airplanes and titled it C208B.

4. I copied the sound and soundai folders from FSX-Simobjects-Airplanes-C208B and put them in the new C208B folder in P3Dv2.


And Presto there was sound!!!




Thanks to Spirit's suggestion to post this here.

Tim Dugan

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Ok, my problem is that i dont have FSX installed anymore. Is there somewhere i can download the C20B sound files?

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Just a note, you can also use any other sounds from aircraft that have the same or similar powerplant. I use the sounds from the Carenado turboprop Malibu and it works well.


Current System (Running at 1440p): GIGABYTE Aorus GA-Z270X-Gaming 5 (rev. 1.0), i7 7700k @ 4.2Ghz, RTX2080ti, 16GB DDR4 3200 RAM

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And no need to create a dummy C208.  The LH files just alias to them so just delete the LH ones and copy whatever sound folders you want directly into the kodiak airplane folder. Did that even in FSX - makes the regis9 way easier - and in my case I could delete the default 208 as had Carenado one.  Though suspect the Malibu sounds better . . 

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You can also get a native P3Dv2.0 Kodiak at "no further cost."  I purchased the original FSX download version in 2010 from SimMarket and re-downloaded it a month ago at no cost and it had a dual installer.

Forever indebted to the late Michael Greenblatt of FSGS.




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